The Hidden Truth

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Player > Class > Envoy > Alternate > Polymorphic Disguise (Su)

Polymorphic Disguise (Su) 1st level

Starfinder Character Operations Manual p.68

You're an expert in secret arts that allow you to change your appearance into something—or someone—totally different. You gain the shapechanger subtype and the change shape universal monster rule (Starfinder Alien Archive 152). This ability has the polymorph descriptor (Starfinder Alien Archive 2 141), and you must design one polymorph form to use with this ability. You must comply with all restrictions imposed by a 1st-level polymorph spell when designing this form (Alien Archive 2 145), and you can't design a form of a creature that has an Intelligence modifier of ?3 or lower. You add your expertise die to Disguise checks to change your appearance to your chosen form.
At 5th level, your shapeshifting abilities improve. When you design your form, you must comply with all restrictions imposed by a 2nd-level polymorph spell. This further improves to a 3rdlevel polymorph spell at 9th level, a 4th-level polymorph spell at 13th level, a 5th-level polymorph spell at 17th level, and a 6th-level polymorph spell at 20th level.
When selecting expertise talents, you don't need to have expertise in the skills they affect, and you can use any expertise talent that requires you to forgo your expertise die by spending 1 Resolve Point as part of the action to use the expertise talent. In addition, when you would gain an expertise talent, you can instead learn a new polymorph form that you can assume using this alternate class feature.
This alters expertise talents and replaces expertise, skill expertise, and true expertise.

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