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Player > Class > Operative > Alternate > Quick Cover (Ex)

Quick Cover (Ex) 2nd level

Starfinder Character Operations Manual p.82

You can crouch, minimize your profile, and otherwise maximize the cover you gain in an environment without taking the time to go fully prone or move to hide behind larger objects. By flipping a table to be on its edge, knocking over piles of boxes, spinning to keep your profile behind a light pole, or other actions, you gain cover from objects normally too small to provide cover. Objects that would normally offer no cover instead grant you partial cover, and objects that would normally offer partial cover instead grant you normal cover. This benefit lasts only until you leave your square or the beginning of your next turn, whichever happens first, and to gain the benefit again you must leave your current square.
All other rules for determining if an object grants cover against a specific attack still apply. This ability cannot be used to gain improved cover or total cover.
This replaces quick movement.

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