The Hidden Truth

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Hypnotic Glow (Su) Photon Icon

Starfinder Core Rulebook p.105

Level: 6

As a standard action, you can convince one living creature that you are to be trusted. This functions as charm person (see page 342), but with a duration of 1 round per solarian level you have. When the effect ends, if you are out of line of sight and the target is not engaged in an activity it wouldn’t have begun without being charmed, the target does not realize it was charmed or has acted unusually unless someone else points it out. You can’t use this revelation again while you currently have a creature charmed via this ability, and once you’ve attempted to charm a creature, whether or not the attempt was successful, you can’t charm the same creature again for 24 hours. Your influence over the creature ends once the duration has expired, and at that time the target likely ceases doing anything you’ve requested of it. At 9th level, hypnotic glow functions as charm monster (see page 342).
When you are attuned or fully attuned and you successfully charm a creature using this ability, you can also command it to approach, flee, or halt on its next turn, as per the command spell (no save; see page 343).

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