The Hidden Truth

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Sunbolt (Su) Photon Icon

Starfinder Core Rulebook p.106

Level: 14

As a standard action, you can fire a bolt of concentrated solar energy at one target within long range (400 feet + 40 feet per solarian level you have) as a ranged attack targeting the foe’s EAC. If you hit, you deal 9d6 fire damage. If you have a solarian crystal (see Solarian Weapon Crystals on page 170) that changes the type of damage dealt by a solar weapon, you can use it to change the type of damage you deal with your sunbolt. Once you have used this revelation, you can’t use it again until the next time you regain Stamina Points after a 10-minute rest.
When you are attuned or fully attuned, you gain a +2 bonus to your ranged attack roll to use this revelation.

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