The Hidden Truth

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Ultimate Graviton (Su) Grviton Icon

Starfinder Core Rulebook p.106

Level: 16

As your ability to manipulate powers of gravity expands, the range of any graviton revelation (but not zenith revelation) you have with a range doubles. Any graviton revelation (but not zenith revelation) you have that targets a single creature can now simultaneously target two creatures, who must be within 20 feet of each other. You also increase the power of any of the following gravity revelations you have.
Defy Gravity: Your fly speed increases by 20 feet.
Gravity Anchor: As a move action, you can gain both types of gravity anchor simultaneously.
Gravity Boost: Your bonus applies to all Acrobatics checks, and you take no damage from any fall.
Reflection: If you successfully redirect an attack as a reaction, you can continue to reflect additional attacks until the beginning of your next turn. You have a cumulative –2 penalty to your redirect attack roll on each reflection attempt after the first. If any reflected attack misses, you can’t make further redirect attempts until you use this revelation again.

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