The Hidden Truth

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Ultimate Photon (Su) Photon Icon

Starfinder Core Rulebook p.107

Level: 16

Your ability to manipulate powers of light and energy expand greatly. The radius of any photon revelation (but not zenith revelation) you have with a radius expands by 10 feet. Any photon revelation (but not zenith revelation) that lasts for 1 round or until you leave photon mode now lasts for 1d4 rounds if you are not in photon mode. You also increase the power of any of the following photon revelations you have.
Astrologic Sense: You can see twice as far into the future as normal.
Glow of Life: You can use this revelation as a swift action, rather than a move action.
Hypnotic Glow: The charm’s duration doubles.
Stellar Rush: You gain a +2 bonus to your EAC until the beginning of your next turn.

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