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Cache Hacks (Su) 6th level

Starfinder Character Operations Manual p.92

At 6th level, you can acquire a cache hack, a fundamental shift in the focus of your spell cache that alters the spells you can cast with the cache capacitor class feature. Choose one of the cache hacks described on page 93; your cache capacitor can hold the listed spells instead of those described on page 120 of the Core Rulebook.
Some of the cache hacks described below allow you to place spells with targets into your cache capacitor. These spells are marked with an asterisk (*). For such spells, you effectively gain the ability to cast the cached spell at will. You don’t need to make any decisions required for the spell in advance, but their duration expires normally. Reestablishing one of these spells requires only that you cast the spell again; you don’t need to spend 5 minutes reestablishing it. You can have only one instance of each spell active at a time, and casting the spell again causes the previous instance to automatically end, as if its duration had expired. After 24 hours, you lose the ability to cast the spell in your cache capacitor and effects produced by those spells immediately end, as if their duration had expired.
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Aside from the change in the spell list and the changes listed above, your cache capacitor otherwise functions as described in the cache capacitor class feature. This alters cache capacitor.

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