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Electrostatic field, mk 1

Starfinder Core Rulebook p.206

Level: 5
Price: 3000
Slots: 1
Armor Type: Any

This field over your armor grants you electricity resistance, and any creature that touches you or deals damage to you with a melee weapon takes electricity damage. The resistance granted and damage dealt depend on this upgradeā€™s type, as noted below.
Mk 1: Resistance 5 and 1d6 electricity damage.
Mk 2: Resistance 10 and 2d6 electricity damage.
Mk 3: Resistance 15 and 3d6 electricity damage.

NameLevelPriceSlotsArmor TypeBulkSource
Electrostatic field, mk 29130001AnyCRB p.206
Electrostatic field, mk 312350001AnyCRB p.206

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