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Fortified plates, mk 3

Starfinder Armory p.83

Level: 16
Price: 151000
Slots: 1
Armor Type: Heavy, powered

This upgrade reinforces critical areas of your armor with extra defensive plates, granting you a fortification ability, which functions as a force field’s fortification (Core Rulebook 206) except the ability is always active. The fortification granted by fortified plates doesn’t stack with a force field’s fortification or other similar abilities. The percentage depends on the upgrade’s type, as listed below.
Mk 1 (Level 14): 20% chance
Mk 2 (Level 15): 40% chance
Mk 3 (Level 16): 60% chance
Mk 4 (Level 17): 80% chance
Mk 5 (Level 19): 100% chance
This upgrade can be installed only in heavy or powered armor.

NameLevelPriceSlotsArmor TypeBulkSource
Fortified plates, mk 114655001Heavy, powered2ARM p.83
Fortified plates, mk 2151040001Heavy, powered2ARM p.83
Fortified plates, mk 4172620001Heavy, powered2ARM p.83
Fortified plates, mk 5195500001Heavy, powered1ARM p.83

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