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Spell reflector, mk 1

Starfinder Core Rulebook p.207

Level: 13
Price: 47950
Slots: 1
Armor Type: Light, heavy
Bulk: 1

Usage: 1
Capacity: 1

You can activate a spell reflector as a reaction when you’re targeted by a spell. This does not affect spells that include an area you are in or affect you in other ways; it affects only those that target you specifically. The spell is reflected on its caster, as if the caster had been the target. The type of spell reflector determines the highest level of spell it can reflect. A spell reflector’s charge replenishes each day.
This upgrade can be installed only in light or heavy armor.
Mk 1: You can reflect a spell of 4th level or lower.
Mk 2: You can reflect a spell of 6th level or lower.

NameLevelPriceSlotsArmor TypeBulkSource
Spell reflector, mk 2183600001Light, heavy1CRB p.207

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