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Tactical scaffold

Starfinder Armory p.85

Level: 6
Price: 4450
Slots: 2
Armor Type: Heavy

As a full action, you can attach a small armor, longarm, heavy weapon, or sniper weapon to this counterweighted mechanical weapon support. Removing a weapon from it is also a full action. As a move action, you can activate the scaffold, bringing the weapon to your hand or hands. You can activate the scaffold as part of a move action to move, but Quick Draw and other abilities that allow you to draw weapons faster than normal don’t affect the time required to activate it. You can’t wield a weapon mounted to the scaffold without it being activated. When activated, the scaffold tracks your motions and provides support for the weapon attached to it, allowing you to wield two-handed weapons using only one hand. If you wield a heavy weapon with two hands while using the scaffold, treat your Strength score as 2 higher for the purpose of meeting the minimum Strength score for using heavy weapons. If you wield a sniper weapon with two hands while using the scaffold you can use its aimed range increment without taking a move action to aim. If you drop the weapon (or it is successfully disarmed), the scaffold automatically folds away and stows the weapon for later use.

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