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Titan shield

Starfinder Core Rulebook p.207

Level: 14
Price: 75000
Slots: 1
Armor Type: Powered
Bulk: 2

Usage: 10
Capacity: 40

This emitter generates a wide, unidirectional energy shield that protects against incoming attacks. You can activate or deactivate the shield as a move action. When you activate it, choose one edge of your space. The shield extends along three continuous edges in a straight line centered on the chosen edge. The shield provides cover against attacks coming from the far side of the shield but not against attacks originating from the side you’re on.
If you move, you can reposition your shield, moving it to a different edge of your space. You can also spend a move action to reposition the shield without leaving your space.
This upgrade can be installed only in powered armor.

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