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Weapon spikes

Starfinder Adventure Path #2: Temple of the Twelve (Dead Suns 2 of 6) p.53

Level: Varies
Price: Varies
Slots: 1
Armor Type: Heavy, powered

A suit of armor covered in wicked spikes is an iconic piece of devourer cultist gear. You can add a one-handed basic melee weapon of light or negligible bulk to your armor to act as weapon spikes. You pay 125% of the cost of the selected basic melee weapon to add it as an upgrade. You must have a hand free to attack with the weapon spikes (so you can maneuver a foe into a position where the spikes are effective), unless the foe is grappling you or you are grappling the foe (in which case you can attack with the weapon spikes even if you do not have a free hand). You can also make attacks with weapon spikes when pinned, though only against the creature pinning you.

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