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Synergizing Symbiote (Hybrid), Mk1

Starfinder Core Rulebook p.212

Level: 3
Price: 1400
Ability: +2

These tiny, biovat-grown, tadpole-like creatures form symbiotic relationships with other animals by attaching to their bodies and instinctively maximizing efficiency in the hosts’ biological systems, losing their own independence and functionally becoming a new organ. Synergizing symbiotes grant additional ability points. This counts as a personal upgrade of the appropriate model number. It takes an hour to implant a synergizing symbiote, and once a character has benefited from it, it is forever spent.

Synergizing Symbiote (Hybrid), Mk276500+4CRB p.212
Synergizing Symbiote (Hybrid), Mk31475000+6CRB p.212

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