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Spellcasting, 3rd-level spell

Starfinder Core Rulebook p.234

Price: 1000

Professional spellcasters are common only in major settlements and often require advance appointments and insist on security measures when dealing with new clients. Many are associated with a church, guild, or major corporation, and they may only work for groups and individuals associated with such organizations. It’s generally not possible to convince a professional spellcaster to travel to an unsecured location to cast spells, and any who do agree to it will insist on much higher payment rates (anywhere from 10 to 100 times the normal price).
If a spell requires an expenditure of credits, add that price to the price of having a professional spellcaster cast it. If a spell requires an expenditure of Resolve Points to be cast, increase the price of having it performed by a professional spellcaster by 50%; most professional spellcasters will only cast one such spell each day.

Spellcasting, 0-level spell20CRB p.234
Spellcasting, 1st-level spell100CRB p.234
Spellcasting, 2nd-level spell350CRB p.234
Spellcasting, 4th-level spell3000CRB p.234
Spellcasting, 5th-level spell9000CRB p.234
Spellcasting, 6th-level spell30000CRB p.234

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