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Screamer grenade III

Starfinder Core Rulebookp.184

Level: 12
Price: 11300
Range: 20 ft.
Capacity: Drawn
Bulk: L
Special: Explode (4d10 So, deafened 1d4 minutes, 25 ft.)

When detonated, a screamer grenade releases a piercing shriek of sonic energy

Screamer grenade I472520 ft.DrawnLExplode (1d10 So, deafened 1d4 minutes, 15 ft.)CRB p.184
Screamer grenade II8272020 ft.DrawnLExplode (2d10 So, deafened 1d4 minutes, 20 ft.)CRB p.184
Screamer grenade III121130020 ft.DrawnLExplode (4d10 So, deafened 1d4 minutes, 25 ft.)CRB p.184
Screamer grenade IV164350020 ft.DrawnLExplode (7d10 So, deafened 1d4 minutes, 30 ft.)CRB p.184


Explosives have the explode special property, which lists the amount of damage the explosion deals, the damage type, special effects (with a duration, if necessary), and the radius of the explosion. When you attack with this type of weapon or ammunition, aim at a grid intersection. Each creature within the blast radius takes the listed damage but can attempt a Reflex saving throw for half damage. If the explode special property has any special effects other than damage, they are negated with a successful saving throw. Some exploding weapons, such as smoke grenades, don’t deal damage, so they don’t include the damage and damage type entries.

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