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Frailty cannon, massacre-class

Starfinder Adventure Path #3: Splintered Worlds (Dead Suns 3 of 6) p.48

Level: 15
Price: 132000
Damage: 6d6 C
Range: 60 ft.
Capacity: 50 charges
Usage: 5
Bulk: 2
Special: Line, necrotic

The frailty cannon line produces a jet of necromantically fueled coolant. More easily controlled than their zero cannon counterparts, these weapons are used to bring down enemies as much as they’re used to invigorate nearby undead.

Two-handed WeaponsTypeLevelPriceDamageRangeCriticalCapacityUsageBulkSpecialSource
Frailty cannon, murder-classHeavy10209003d6 C60 ft.40 charges42Line, necroticDS03 p.48
Frailty cannon, massacre-classHeavy151320006d6 C60 ft.50 charges52Line, necroticDS03 p.48
Frailty cannon, extinction-classHeavy196600009d6 C80 ft.50 charges52Line, necroticDS03 p.48


This weapon fires a projectile in a straight line that pierces through multiple creatures or obstacles. When attacking with such a weapon, make a single attack roll and compare it to the relevant Armor Class of all creatures and objects in a line extending to the weapon’s listed range increment. Roll damage only once. The weapon hits all targets with an AC equal to or lower than the attack roll. However, if an attack fails to damage a creature or obstacle hit in the line (typically due to damage reduction or hardness), the path is stopped and the attack doesn’t damage creatures farther away. A line weapon can’t damage targets beyond its listed range. If you score a critical hit, that effect applies only to the first target hit in the line, and you roll the critical damage separately. If multiple creatures are equally close, you choose which one takes the effects of the critical hit. A line weapon doesn’t benefit from feats or abilities that increase the damage of a single attack (such as the operative’s trick attack).


A necrotic weapon deals cold damage infused with negative energy. Creatures immune to negative energy (such as the targets of a death ward spell) are immune to the cold damage of a necrotic weapon, and the cold damage of necrotic weapons affects only living creatures. Undead creatures targeted by a weapon with this property not only take no damage from the cold but also gain temporary Hit Points equal to the weapon’s item level. These temporary Hit Points last for 10 minutes, until expended, or until the undead gains a larger number of temporary Hit Points from a necrotic weapon. A creature can benefit from only one source of temporary Hit Points from a necrotic weapon at a time.

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