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Stellar cannon, light

Starfinder Core Rulebook p.186

Level: 10
Price: 19200
Damage: 2d12 P
Range: 30 ft.
Critical: Wound
Capacity: 18 shells
Usage: 6
Bulk: 2
Special: Blast

A stellar cannon is a portable, handheld cannon that fires exploding shells filled with dense flechettes that shred nearby targets. Stellar cannons have a limited range, but they deal traumatic damage to large areas.

Two-handed WeaponsTypeLevelPriceDamageRangeCriticalCapacityUsageBulkSpecialSource
Stellar cannon, lightHeavy10192002d12 P30 ft.Wound18 shells62BlastCRB p.186
Stellar cannon, heavyHeavy151228004d12 P30 ft.WoundWound82BlastCRB p.186


Roll on Table. The target must succeed at a saving throw of the listed type (if any) or suffer the listed effect. If the creature lacks a specified location, use the general location.

1–10GeneralBleed 1d6
11–13Eye (sensory)RefLost eye, –2 Perception
14–15Leg (mobility)FortSevered limb, –10 land speed
16–17Arm (manipulation)RefSevered limb, lose a hand
18–19Vital organFort1d4 Con damage
20BrainFortStunned 1 round


This weapon fires in a cone that extends only to its first range increment. You can’t use it to attack creatures beyond that range.
For each attack you make with a weapon with the blast special property, roll one attack against each target in the cone, starting with those closest to you. Each attack takes a –2 penalty in addition to other penalties, such as the penalty to all attacks during a full attack. Roll damage only once for all targets. If you roll one or more critical hits, roll the extra critical damage only once (or any other special effects on a critical hit that require you to roll) and apply it to each creature against which you score a critical hit. You can’t avoid shooting at allies in the cone, nor can you shoot any creature more than once.
Attacks with blast weapons ignore concealment. A blast weapon doesn’t benefit from feats or abilities that increase the damage of a single attack (such as the operative’s trick attack). Ammunition for blast weapons is designed for blast attacks, so you spend the usage amount only once for each cone of attacks.

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