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X-gen gun, advanced

Starfinder Core Rulebook p.186

Level: 9
Price: 13100
Damage: 2d12 P
Range: 120 ft.
Capacity: 100 rounds
Usage: 2
Bulk: 2
Special: Automatic

X-gen guns are named for their external generator—a power pack that drives the automatic feed of the weapon. They are common on fortified bases and in large armed encampments.

Two-handed WeaponsTypeLevelPriceDamageRangeCriticalCapacityUsageBulkSpecialSource
X-gen gun, tacticalHeavy642401d12 P120 ft.80 rounds22AutomaticCRB p.186
X-gen gun, advancedHeavy9131002d12 P120 ft.100 rounds22AutomaticCRB p.186
X-gen gun, eliteHeavy13537004d12 P120 ft.100 rounds22AutomaticCRB p.186
X-gen gun, paragonHeavy208260009d12 P120 ft.100 rounds22AutomaticCRB p.186


In addition to making ranged attacks normally, a weapon with this special property can fire in fully automatic mode. No action is required to toggle a weapon between making normal ranged attacks and using automatic mode.
When you make a full attack with a weapon in automatic mode, you can attack in a cone with a range of half the weapon’s range increment. This uses all the weapon’s remaining ammunition. Roll one attack against each target in the cone, starting with those closest to you. Attacks made with a weapon in automatic mode can’t score critical hits. Roll damage only once, and apply it to all targets struck. Each attack against an individual creature in the cone uses up the same amount of ammunition or charges as taking two shots, and once you no longer have enough ammunition to attack another target, you stop making attacks.
For example, if you were using a tactical X-gen gun with 27 rounds remaining, you would target the nearest 6 creatures in the cone and use up all 27 rounds.
If more than one creature is equidistant and you don’t have enough cartridges remaining to shoot at all equidistant creatures, determine randomly which one you target. You can’t avoid shooting at allies in the cone, nor can you shoot any creature more than once, even if you have enough cartridges to fire more shots than you have targets. Attacks in automatic mode take the same penalties as other full attacks.

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