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Starship Defensive Countermeasures

Defensive countermeasures systems protect a ship from tracking weapons such as missiles, and they make it difficult for enemies using sensors to get a solid reading on the ship. They do this via a complicated suite of electronic sensors and broadcasting equipment that’s designed to jam enemy sensors and create false readings. These systems grant a bonus to a ship’s TL (see page 320); the bonus, PCU usage, and cost are listed in the table below.

NameBonus to TLPCUCost (In BP)Source
Mk 1 defenses112CRB p.298
Mk 2 defenses213CRB p.298
Mk 3 defenses324CRB p.298
Mk 4 defenses436CRB p.298
Mk 5 defenses548CRB p.298
Mk 6 defenses6511CRB p.298
Mk 7 defenses7714CRB p.298
Mk 8 defenses8918CRB p.298
Mk 9 defenses91122CRB p.298
Mk 10 defenses101327CRB p.298
Mk 11 defenses111633CRB p.298
Mk 12 defenses122040CRB p.298
Mk 13 defenses132550CRB p.298
Mk 14 defenses143265CRB p.298
Mk 15 defenses154590CRB p.298

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