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Starship Expansion Bays

Most starships have room within their hull for one or more expansion bays, each of which can be converted to function in a wide variety of roles. Unfilled, these bays are simply storage space (and count as cargo holds), and for many large transport vessels, they remain this way. If a starship’s bays are instead used for guest quarters, the ship can serve as a transport vessel for soldiers, travelers, or refugees. If its bays are filled with medical bays and guest quarters, the ship becomes a mobile hospital.
The following options are available for most ships that have available expansion bays. If an option requires multiple bays, this is noted in its description; if it must consume PCU to function, the amount is listed in the table on page 300. An entire expansion bay must be used for a single purpose, even if it gives you multiple instances of that option. For example, if you select escape pods, that expansion bay gains all six escape pods—you can’t combine three escape pods and one life boat.
The PCU requirement and the Build Point costs of the expansion bay options can be found on page 300.

NamePCUCost (In BP)Source
Aeon comm (Hybrid)53AT01 p.47
Arcane laboratory11CRB p.300
Arcane mortuary12DS06 p.49
Brig11PWD p.153
Cargo hold00CRB p.300
Corpse recycler22DS06 p.49
Decoy husk15 + size category4 x size categoryA!02 p.48
Docking canopy155A!02 p.48
Drift shadow projector515PWD p.153
Drift stasis unit1510AT01 p.47
Drone tube155AT01 p.48
Escape pods21CRB p.300
Ghost drive105DS06 p.49
Guest quarters11CRB p.300
Hangar bay3010CRB p.300
Healing pods23A!02 p.48
Hive bay510PWD p.153
Hydroponic garden05PWD p.153
Imperial shrine11AT01 p.48
Launch tubes105PWD p.153
Life boats53CRB p.300
Medical bay48CRB p.300
Passenger seating00CRB p.300
Power core housing010CRB p.300
Quantum defender105AT01 p.48
Recreation suite (gym)01CRB p.300
Recreation suite (HAC)31CRB p.300
Recreation suite (trivid den)11CRB p.300
Science lab21CRB p.300
Sealed environment chamber21CRB p.300
Shuttle bay104CRB p.300
Smuggler compartment42CRB p.300
Synthesis bay21CRB p.300
Tech workshop31CRB p.300
Telelith matrix expansion108AA3 p.111

Supercolossal Note

A Supercolossal ship uses the same expansion bays as other starships do. A Supercolossal ship can hold an unlimited number of expansion bays, none of which ever go unused. Any expansion bay in a Supercolossal ship represents numerous chambers grouped together over a wide area or many decks and augmented with reserve systems and retaskable configurations. Therefore, a bay such as an arcane laboratory on a Supercolossal ship indicates not a single lab, but the ship’s facilities that allow the crew to perform tasks requiring an arcane lab. Enough of these spaces exist on a ship of the line to accommodate any number of crew members who might need access the ship’s specific expansion bays.

NamePCUCost (In BP)Source
Drift booster4020DS06 p.46
Recycling system21DS06 p.47
Tactical sensor tank21DS06 p.47

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