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Starship Power Core

The power core is the most important system on a ship, as it provides power to every other system. The table below lists the ship size each core is designed for, as well as the PCU it provides and its cost. Each Large and smaller ship has room for only a single power core by default, but Medium and Large starships can be fitted with an extra power core housing (see Expansion Bays on page 298). Huge starships can have up to two power cores, Gargantuan starships can have up to three, and Colossal starships can have up to four. Though some ships are exceptions to this standard, they are rare in design. A power core typically has a backup battery system for use in emergencies that can provide limited power—enough for life support, gravity, and comms (see page 430), but no other systems—for 2d6 days.

NameSizePCUCOST (In PB)Source
Micron LightTiny504CRB p.296
Micron HeavyTiny706CRB p.296
Micron UltraTiny808CRB p.296
Arcus LightTiny, Small757CRB p.296
Pulse BrownTiny, Small909CRB p.296
Pulse BlackTiny, Small12012CRB p.296
Pulse WhiteTiny, Small14014CRB p.296
Pulse GrayTiny, Small, Medium10010CRB p.296
Arcus HeavyTiny, Small, Medium13013CRB p.296
Pulse GreenTiny, Small, Medium15015CRB p.296
Pulse RedTiny, Small, Medium17517CRB p.296
Pulse BlueTiny, Small, Medium20020CRB p.296
Arcus UltraSmall, Medium, Large15015CRB p.296
Arcus MaximumSmall, Medium, Large20020CRB p.296
Pulse OrangeSmall, Medium, Large25025CRB p.296
Pulse PrismaticSmall, Medium, Large30030CRB p.296
Nova LightMedium, Large, Huge15015CRB p.296
Nova HeavyMedium, Large, Huge20020CRB p.296
Nova UltraMedium, Large, Huge30030CRB p.296
Gateway LightLarge, Huge, Gargantuan30030CRB p.296
Gateway HeavyLarge, Huge, Gargantuan40040CRB p.296
Gateway UltraHuge, Gargantuan, Colossal50050CRB p.296
Titan LightSupercolossal70050DS06 p.45
Titan HeavySupercolossal95060DS06 p.45
Titan UltraSupercolossal120070DS06 p.45

Supercolossal Notes

Supercolossal ships have massive power needs. They also have enormous space dedicated to power systems, allowing them to use power cores that won’t fit in other vessels. A Supercolossal ship can mount one of the power cores of Supercolossal size shown in the following table. If a Supercolossal starship has a Supercolossal power core, the vessel can have up to four backup cores; those cores must be designed for Huge or Gargantuan starships. If a Supercolossal starship does not have a Supercolossal power core, the vessel can instead mount up to five power cores designed for Colossal ships.

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