The Hidden Truth

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Wisdom Themes

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Dream Prophet +1 WISYou hear the songs of the Dreamer, and sometimes they grant you insight into the unknown.PWD p.117
Paranormal Investigator +1 INT, WIS, OR CHAChasing after leads and unearthing musty tomes in search of the truth, you dedicate your life to understanding and researching the paranormal and supeSS1 p.53
Priest +1 WISDedicated and knowledgeable adherent to a philosophy or religion who commands clout among other followers.CRB p.34
Solar Disciple +1 WISThe sun serves both as a guiding light and anchor in your life, and the quest to find balance under its majestic rays.PWD p.17
Wild Warden +1 WISTrading concrete jungles for the real thing, you denounce civilization for the harsh wilds of the untamed wilderness.PWD p.37
Themeless +1 ANYA less-powerful option when nothing else fits. Choose with care.CRB p.28

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