The Hidden Truth

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Welcome to The Hidden Truth!

Welcome to The Hidden Truth, an unofficial system resource document for Paizo’s science fantasy tabletop roleplaying game, Starfinder. You will find classes, themes, feats, spells, races, and equipment for making a character, and everything you need to build a ship among the pages of this site. Check out the Sources page to pick which books you do and don’t want to see. And if you are looking for rules on how to play, or monsters to send at your players, for now check out the Official SRD Archives of Nethys, but hopefully we will have them soon!

Tales from the Truth

Tales from the Truth is a series of fanmade shorts based in the Starfinder universe. Finding the Truth is the story of the crew of the ship “Truth” and the adventures they go on. The Archives are guest writers adding their own stories and extra tidbits to help expand the fan made lore. You can find it here.

The Archives: The Prisoner

By Sparrowhawk - April 24th 2020

The ramp extended and Dr. Seris Vormir stepped out onto soil of a dying world. His wrists bound in front of him. A Vesk trooper placed a hand firmly on Seris’s shoulder and guided him towards the buggy that waited to take him gods knew where.
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Books coming soon

Month Core Line Adventure Paths Maps Accessories
September Adventure Path #32: The Starstone Blockade
(The Devastation Ark 2 of 3)
Flip-Mat: Giant Starship
October Adventure Path #33: Dominion’s End
(The Devastation Ark 3 of 3)
Flip-Tiles: City Starter Set Pawns: The Threefold Conspiracy Pawn Collection
November Adventure Path #34: We're No Heroes
(Fly Free or Die 1 of 6)
Flip-Mat: Transport Hub
December Starfinder Alien Archive 4 Adventure Path #35: Merchants of the Void
(Fly Free or Die 2 of 6)
Flip-Tiles: City Hazards Expansion Starfinder Alien Character Deck
Starship Combat Reference Cards
January Adventure Path #36: Professional Courtesy
(Fly Free or Die 3 of 6)
Flip-Mat: Planetary Atmosphere Pawns: Starship Operations Manual Pawn Collection
February Adventure Path #37: The White Glove Affair
(Fly Free or Die 4 of 6)
Flip-Tiles: Alien Planet Starter Set Pawns: The Devastation Ark Pawn Collection
March Starfinder Adventure Path #38: Crash & Burn
(Fly Free or Die 5 of 6)
Flip-Mat: Solar Temple
April Starfinder Galaxy Exploration Manual Starfinder Adventure Path #39: The Gilded Cage
(Fly Free or Die 6 of 6)
Flip-Tiles: Alien Planet Moonscape Expansion Pawns: Alien Archive 4 Pawn Collection
May Flip-Mat: Crashed Starship

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