The Hidden Truth

Welcome to The Hidden Truth, the 6th best knowledge repository on the infosphere.

Now Online!

Hopefully this is working. Hello, Pact Worlds! The Hidden Truth is now here! Coming live from an unknown location near a moon! Gidget is below trying to get the servers working. ZAP is outside working to get the communication system up and running. So, quick run down. We broadcast this signal live from our ship, The Hidden Truth! We are worshipers of Eloritu who want to help the young adenturers out there do their best in this world. Look through our repository, and have a good time! In the meantime, we would like to point you towards those doing a better job than us. The best source is still the time travelling golems from Golarion past. But the merchant ship D.Z.O Pfsrd also has information for use, including some special magic items they made themselves for sale. But check back often, our systems are quickly improving, and we are always striving to be the best!
For those that are receiving this signal, I am Mark von Drake, and I am the main contact with the outside worlds. If you have anything you want to message me, or just want to talk about the hidden mysteries of the universe, you can contact me by sending a message to If you find any bugs with our system, or have questions/suggestions for how the repository works, you can contact our local Yoski, Gidget at gidget& But I should be getting back to work, so best of luck, keep your ships maintained, and always search for the truth!

-Mark von Drake