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Magic Items

While plenty of technology in Starfinder incorporates magical elements, some items operate solely through eldritch principles and thus follow different rules.
This section covers magic items not addressed under another rules system (such as weapon fusions or augmentations). Magic items are often divided into held, worn, and consumable items. Held items (such as orbs and rods) must be held in a hand or similar appendage and activated manually like a weapon.
Worn magic items are things like rings, cloaks, amulets, and gloves. Just as your armor has a limited number of upgrade slots, you can only wear up to two magic items at once and have both function normally—beyond that, the magical fields start to interfere with each other. You can’t wear more than one of the same type of item (two cloaks, two hats, etc.) except for rings. If you put on an additional worn magic item beyond these first two, it does not function until you have no more than two total magic items worn. This limitation applies specifically to worn magic items, and does not apply to armor upgrades, held items, weapon fusions, augmentations, magic armor, consumables, or other forms of magic, all of which function normally.
Lastly, consumables are magic items like serums or spell ampoules that create an immediate and temporary effect when ingested.

Aeon stones, clear spindle1245CRB p.222
Charge cloak1200LCRB p.223
Encryption tattoo, agent150AA1 p.200
Reckless gloves1250LAA1 p.79
Ring of whispers1300CRB p.223
Serum of appearance change175LCRB p.225
Serum of healing, mk 1150LCRB p.225
Spell gem, 0150LCRB p.224
Aeon stones, iridescent spindle2740CRB p.222
Corpse lantern2500LDS04 p.45
Resilient jacket2600LAA1 p.79
Ring of resistance, mk 12735CRB p.223
Spell ampoules, 02200LCRB p.224
Spell gem, 1st2140LCRB p.224
Amulet of camouflage31,400CRB p.223
Brigh’s bolt31300AA1 p.200
Instinctive stabilizer31400LDS04 p.45
Lawfinder31200LAA1 p.200
Rings of Fangs3315DS02 p.53
Serum of sex shift3350LCRB p.225
Spell ampoules, 1st3300LCRB p.224
Adaptive serum, mk 14350AA1 p.71
Iomedaean crusader helm42100LDS01 p.52
Trampling boots42500LAA1 p.79
Truth amplifier42000LDS04 p.45
Barachius helm53000LAA1 p.13
Blackraven axe, tactical533701DS01 p.51
Bloodbrother serum5500AA1 p.23
Celestial stole53000DS04 p.45
Falcon boots530001DS01 p.51
Pact Worlds serum, aballon spark5475LAA1 p.201
Pact Worlds serum, absalom affable5475LAA1 p.201
Pact Worlds serum, akiton rustrider5475LAA1 p.201
Pact Worlds serum, bretheda effervescent5475LAA1 p.201
Pact Worlds serum, castrovel effloresce5475LAA1 p.201
Pact Worlds serum, diaspora daredevil5475LAA1 p.201
Pact Worlds serum, eox deliquesce5475LAA1 p.201
Pact Worlds serum, idari gold5475LAA1 p.201
Pact Worlds serum, triaxus dragonsight5475LAA1 p.201
Pact Worlds serum, verces gleam5475LAA1 p.201
Ring of sustenance52925CRB p.223
Serum of enhancement, commando5475LCRB p.225
Serum of enhancement, diplomat5475LCRB p.225
Serum of enhancement, scientist5475LCRB p.225
Serum of enhancement, sensate5475LCRB p.225
Serum of enhancement, sneak5475LCRB p.225
Serum of enhancement, warrior5475LCRB p.225
Serum of healing, mk 25425LCRB p.225
Spell gem, 2nd5450LCRB p.224
Staff of mystic healing537001CRB p.224
Eohi boots64200LDS04 p.45
Glove of storing64,600LCRB p.223
Ring of resistance, mk 264200CRB p.223
Spell ampoules, 2nd6700LCRB p.224
Aeon stones, purple sphere77500AA1 p.7
Thruneblade, sintered799801DS01 p.52
Adaptive serum, mk 281500AA1 p.71
Aura goggles89000LAA1 p.25
Encryption tattoo, operative88900AA1 p.200
Mask of the mantis88400LDS01 p.52
Spell gem, 3rd81400LCRB p.224
Anvil of Torag91200050DS01 p.50
Arclord’s rod, mk 1914500LDS01 p.50
Dreamsilk cloak913400LDS01 p.51
Hellknight flail, incapacitator919400LDS01 p.52
Ratfolk belt912250AA1 p.201
Rod of cancellation92,100LCRB p.224
Serum of healing, mk 391950LCRB p.225
Aeon stones, dark blue rhomboid1018000CRB p.222
Ring of resistance, mk 31018100CRB p.223
Shadow orb102,850LCRB p.224
Spell ampoules, 3rd103,000LCRB p.224
Aballonian drone box11245001AA1 p.200
Aeon stones, pearly white spindle1125000CRB p.222
Ring of cosmic alignment1125000CRB p.223
Spell gem, 4th113,700LCRB p.224
Adaptive serum, mk 3125500AA1 p.71
Arclord’s rod, mk 21238500LDS01 p.50
Encryption tattoo, provocateur1348000AA1 p.200
Boardroom attire1462500LAA1 p.200
Ring of resistance, mk 41470000CRB p.223
Spell gem, 5th1410600LCRB p.224
Tiara of translocation, mk 11411750LCRB p.224
Warlord Stone1475000DS06 p.31
Tiara of translocation, mk 216185000LCRB p.224
Arclord’s rod, mk 317275000LDS01 p.50
Spell gem, 6th1736650LCRB p.224
Encryption tattoo, master18360000AA1 p.200
Ring of resistance, mk 518361500CRB p.223
Tiara of translocation, mk 318410,000LCRB p.224
Arclord’s rod, mk 420950000LDS01 p.50
Tiara of translocation, mk 420875000LCRB p.224
Ungarato20Priceless2DS01 p.53


In a few rare cases, magic items require charges. However, such charged magic items function differently than charged technological items, whose batteries must be recharged or replaced. A magic item’s charges are inherent to the construction of the item and can’t be replenished with generators or batteries. Charges for a magic item either refresh each day or never refresh, depending on the item.

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