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Ace Pilot+1 DEXSkillful operator of starships and other vehicles who is obsessed with all related knowledge and lore.CRB p.29
Biotechnician+1 INTPWD p.127
Bounty Hunter+1 CONUnstoppable tracker who knows how to stay hot on the trail of those who flee.CRB p.30
Corporate Agent+1 CHAPWD p.47
Cultist+1 CONPWD p.147
Cyberborn+1 INTPWD p.67
Death-Touched+1 CONPWD p.97
Dragonblood+1 CHAPWD p.107
Dream Prophet+1 WISPWD p.117
Gladiator+1 CONPWD p.57
Icon+1 CHAPopular and respected celebrity who can leverage the public's adoration for specific needs.CRB p.31
Mercenary+1 STRWell-trained soldier of fortune who can work equally well as a combat grunt or a squad leader.CRB p.32
Outlaw+1 DEXWanted criminal with back-alley connections to black markets and associates who can fend off legal trouble.CRB p.33
Priest+1 WISDedicated and knowledgeable adherent to a philosophy or religion who commands clout among other followers.CRB p.34
Roboticist+1 INTPWD p.27
Scholar+1 INTSkilled researcher and cutting-edge thinker with a broad base of knowledge and a thirst to expand it.CRB p.35
Solar Disciple+1 WISPWD p.17
Space Pirate+1 DEXPWD p.87
Spacefarer+1 CONRestless explorer who has strong intuition and has collected deep knowledge about alien biology and topology.CRB p.36
Tempered Pilgrim+1 CHAPWD p.77
Wild Warden+1 WISPWD p.37
Xenoarchaeologist+1 INTPWD p.137
Xenoseeker+1 CHAGuru of alien life-forms who finds that meeting them is one of life's most rewarding accomplishments.CRB p.37
Themeless +1 ANYA less-powerful option when nothing else fits. Choose with care.CRB p.28

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