The Hidden Truth

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Standard AmmunitionLevelPriceCharges/CartridgesBulkSpecialSource
Arrows15020LCRB p.190
Battery16020CRB p.190
Darts12025LCRB p.190
Flare151CRB p.190
Flechettes17525LPWD p.194
Petrol tank, standard160201CRB p.190
Rounds, longarm and sniper17525LCRB p.190
Rounds, small arm14030LCRB p.190
Scattergun shells15525LCRB p.190
Kishalee battery240020DS05 p.41
Rounds, heavy29020LCRB p.190
Petrol tank, high-capacity3280402CRB p.190
Battery, high-capacity433040CRB p.190
Battery, super-capacity439080CRB p.190
Mini-rockets430010LCRB p.190
Battery, ultra-capacity5445100LCRB p.190
Kishalee battery, highcapacity-6300040DS05 p.41
Kishalee battery, super-capacity7500080DS05 p.41
Kishalee battery, ultra-capacity88400100DS05 p.41

Special AmmunitionLevelPriceCharges/CartridgesBulkSpecialSource
Grenade arrow I68751As any 1st-level grenadeCRB p.190
Grenade arrow II1054501As any 5th- or lower-level grenadeCRB p.190
Tactical missile10570011Explode 6d8 B & P (30 ft.)CRB p.190
Advanced missile13146001113d8 B & FCRB p.190
Grenade arrow III15320501As any 10th- or lower-level grenadeCRB p.190
Grenade arrow IV202450001As any 15th- or lower-level grenadeCRB p.190

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