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A creature can personalize armor by purchasing and installing armor upgrades, described below, which add bonuses or customized abilities to armor. Some individuals keep a collection of upgrades at hand, swapping them out as needed (requiring 10 minutes to replace the unit and resecure all connections). Explanations of entries for upgrades’ statistics follow.

NameLevelPriceSlotsArmor TypeSource
Weapon spikesVariesVaries1Heavy, poweredDS02 p.53
Descent thrusters18001AnyPWD p.197
Grim trophies11251AnyDS02 p.53
Infrared sensors12001AnyCRB p.206
Quick-release sheath13251AnyCRB p.207
Radiation buffer12001AnyCRB p.207
Snarl barbs115001AnyPWD p.197
Tensile reinforcement11501AnyCRB p.207
Automated loader27501PoweredCRB p.205
Jump jets210001Light, heavyCRB p.206
Force field, brown316002AnyCRB p.206
Backup generator421001AnyCRB p.206
Exit pod417501Heavy, poweredCRB p.206
Flashblinders, mk 1420001AnyPWD p.196
Targeting computer422501AnyCRB p.207
Electrostatic field, mk 1530001AnyCRB p.206
Jetpack531001Light, heavyCRB p.206
Load lifter525501AnyCRB p.207
Thermal capacitor, mk 1536001AnyCRB p.207
Filtered rebreather646001AnyCRB p.206
Force field, purple645502AnyCRB p.206
Phase shield643251Heavy, poweredCRB p.207
Deflective reinforcement775001AnyCRB p.206
Microspur spray767001Heavy, poweredPWD p.197
Sonic dampener771501AnyCRB p.207
Flashblinders, mk 28100001AnyPWD p.196
Force field, black8105002AnyCRB p.206
Grandchild’s cloak8100001LightPWD p.197
Haste circuit892501Light, heavyCRB p.206
Electrostatic field, mk 29130001AnyCRB p.206
Forcepack9131001Light, heavyCRB p.206
Haze field9130001AnyPWD p.197
Force field, white10200002AnyCRB p.206
Electrostatic field, mk 312350001AnyCRB p.206
Flashblinders, mk 312380001AnyPWD p.197
Force field, gray12400002AnyCRB p.206
Thermal capacitor, mk 212362501AnyCRB p.207
Spell reflector, mk 113479501Light, heavyCRB p.207
Force field, green14800002AnyCRB p.206
Titan shield14750001PoweredCRB p.207
Grandchild’s cloak, greater151200001LightPWD p.197
Thermal capacitor, mk 3151200001AnyCRB p.207
Flashblinders, mk 4161800001AnyPWD p.197
Force field, red161800002AnyCRB p.206
Force field, blue172800002AnyCRB p.206
Force field, orange184000002AnyCRB p.206
Spell reflector, mk 2183600001Light, heavyCRB p.207
Ghostmarch unit195900001LightPWD p.197
Force field, prismatic2010000002AnyCRB p.206


For a technological armor upgrade that requires charges to function, this entry lists the maximum size battery the upgrade can hold. The batteries that upgrades hold can be recharged as normal using either a generator or a recharging station (see page 234). A magic armor upgrade that can be used a certain number of times runs on magical charges; these charges are integral to the construction of the item and can’t be replenished with generators or batteries. Charges for a magic item either refresh each day or never refresh.


This entry lists how many charges are consumed when the armor upgrade is used. This might be per activation or a certain duration. If an armor upgrade uses a certain number of charges over an interval, the upgrade’s abilities can be shut off before that amount of time has passed, but it still uses charges for the full interval. For instance, an upgrade that uses charges at a rate of 2 per round would still use 2 charges if activated for half a round.

Upgrade Slots

Each suit of armor contains a certain number of upgrade slots. This represents the maximum number of times the armor can be modified while still functioning. If you install upgrades beyond the maximum, the armor and all upgrades attached to it cease to function until you remove enough upgrades to bring the armor down to its maximum number of upgrade slots or fewer. Some upgrades use more than one upgrade slot, as noted in the Armor Slots entry in Table 7–17: Armor Upgrades.

Magic Upgrades

Some armor upgrades are magic or a hybrid of magic and technology. This is indicated next to the upgrade’s name. If neither magic nor hybrid is listed after an item, it’s a technological item.

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