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Two-handed WeaponsLevelPriceDamageRangeCriticalCapacityUsageBulkSpecialSource
Frailty rifle, atrophy-class316501d6 C60 ft.20 charges21NecroticDS03 p.48
Zero rifle, frostbite-class423301d8 C60 ft.Staggered40 charges21CRB p.183
Frailty rifle, rot-class777002d6 C60 ft.20 charges22NecroticDS03 p.48
Zero rifle, hailstorm-class8101002d8 C60 ft.Staggered40 charges22CRB p.183
Frailty rifle, blight-class13572004d6 C60 ft.40 charges42NecroticDS03 p.48
Zero rifle, blizzard-class14798004d8 C60 ft.Staggered80 charges42CRB p.183
Frailty rifle, epidemic-class172970007d6 C60 ft.50 charges52NecroticDS03 p.48
Zero rifle, avalanche-class184102007d8 C60 ft.Staggered100 charges52CRB p.183
Dimensional disruption
Disruption rifle, minor9150003d8 So50 ft.Staggered40 charges52Boost 1d8DS05 p.39
Disruption rifle, major14800006d8 So40 ft.Staggered40 charges52Boost 2d8DS05 p.39
Disintegrator rifle, liquidator647401d20 A30 ft.Corrode 1d640 charges42DS02 p.52
Disintegrator rifle, decimator11290003d10 A30 ft.Corrode 2d640 charges42DS02 p.52
Disintegrator rifle, executioner162100005d10 A30 ft.Corrode 3d680 charges82DS02 p.52
Disintegrator rifle, eradicator207450005d20 A30 ft.Corrode 4d680 charges82DS02 p.52
Flame rifle24901d6 F25 ft.Burn 1d620 petrol51Line, unwieldyCRB p.183
Laser rifle, azimuth14251d8 F120 ft.Burn 1d620 charges11CRB p.184
Laser rifle, corona646502d6 F120 ft.Burn 1d640 charges11CRB p.184
Laser rifle, aphelion9143003d6 F120 ft.Burn 1d640 charges11CRB p.184
Autobeam rifle, tactical11269005d4 F60 ft.Burn 2d440 charges42AutomaticCRB p.184
Laser rifle, perihelion13538005d6 F130 ft.Burn 2d6100 charges21CRB p.184
Autobeam rifle, advanced15955007d4 F60 ft.Burn 3d4100 charges102AutomaticCRB p.184
Laser rifle, parallax172480008d6 F150 ft.Burn 4d6100 charges21CRB p.184
Autobeam rifle, elite1954810012d4 F60 ft.Burn 5d4100 charges52AutomaticCRB p.184
Laser rifle, zenith2072200011d6 F150 ft.Burn 5d6100 charges21CRB p.184
Plasma rifle, red star646001d10 E & F40 ft.Burn 1d440 charges42Line, unwieldyCRB p.185
Plasma rifle, yellow star10168002d10 E & F40 ft.Burn 1d840 charges42Line, unwieldyCRB p.185
Plasma caster, white star13491003d10 E & F80 ft.Burn 1d10100 charges52Boost 1d10CRB p.185
Plasma rifle, white star151266004d10 E & F60 ft.Burn 2d840 charges42Line, unwieldyCRB p.185
Plasma caster, blue star172750005d10 E & F80 ft.Burn 2d10200 charges102Boost 2d10CRB p.185
Plasma rifle, blue star209350008d10 E & F100 ft.Burn 4d8100 charges102Line, unwieldyCRB p.185
Hunting rifle12401d8 P90 ft.6 rounds11AnalogCRB p.185
Scattergun, utility12351d4 P15 ft.4 shells11Analog, blastCRB p.186
Acid dart rifle, tactical24851d8 A & P80 ft.Corrode 1d410 darts11AnalogCRB p.185
Autotarget rifle27551d6 P60 ft.10 rounds12Analog, automaticCRB p.185
Crossbolter, tactical24751d10 P70 ft.1 arrow12UnwieldyCRB p.185
Assault rifle, AG314001d8 P80 ft.12 rounds11AutomaticAA1 p.7
Kalo shredder, slipstream-class316101d6 S30 ft.Bleed 1d48 flechettes11Analog, automatic, underwaterPWD p.194
Accelerator rifle, AG775003d4 P60 ft.16 rounds12AutomaticAA1 p.7
Acid dart rifle, dual769002d8 A & P90 ft.Corrode 2d424 darts21AnalogCRB p.185
Kalo shredder, cascade-class766302d6 S40 ft.Bleed 1d618 flechettes11Analog, automatic, underwaterPWD p.194
Seeker rifle, tactical760302d8 P100 ft.8 rounds11AnalogCRB p.186
Crossbolter, dual882502d10 P70 ft.4 arrows22UnwieldyCRB p.185
Scattergun, snub883001d12 P15 ft.8 shells11Analog, blastCRB p.186
Magnetar rifle, tactical9118002d8 P60 ft.18 rounds12Analog, automaticCRB p.185
Combat rifle10165003d8 P90 ft.12 rounds11AnalogCRB p.185
RPPR, AG10210002d12 B100 ft.Knockdown12 mini-rockets12AA1 p.7
Kalo shredder, torrent-class11267004d6 S40 ft.Bleed 3d424 flechettes11Analog, automatic, underwaterPWD p.194
Acid dart rifle, complex12392004d8 A & P90 ft.Corrode 4d448 darts42AnalogCRB p.185
Scattergun, impact12304002d12 P15 ft.12 shells12Analog, blastCRB p.186
Gyrojet rifle, tactical13540003d12 B100 ft.Knockdown12 mini-rockets12AnalogCRB p.185
Magnetar rifle, advanced13537004d8 P60 ft.24 rounds12Analog, automaticCRB p.185
Kalo shredder, deluge-class14743006d6 S60 ft.Bleed 4d436 flechettes11Analog, automatic, underwaterPWD p.194
Seeker rifle, advanced14723006d8 P100 ft.18 rounds11AnalogCRB p.186
Gyrojet rifle, advanced151228005d12 B120 ft.Knockdown12 mini-rockets12AnalogCRB p.185
Scattergun, vortex15919003d12 P30 ft.12 shells12Analog, blastCRB p.186
Magnetar rifle, elite161851006d8 P120 ft.36 rounds12Analog, automaticCRB p.185
Gyrojet rifle, elite172456006d12 B120 ft.Knockdown12 mini-rockets12AnalogCRB p.185
Kalo shredder, monsoon-class1778400012d6 S60 ft.Bleed 4d648 flechettes11Analog, automatic, underwaterPWD p.194
Seeker rifle, elite172425009d8 P100 ft.18 rounds11AnalogCRB p.186
Scattergun, grapeshot183310004d12 P30 ft.12 shells12Analog, blastCRB p.186
Magnetar rifle, paragon196126008d8 P120 ft.48 rounds12Analog, automaticCRB p.185
Gyrojet rifle, paragon207235008d12 B120 ft.Knockdown12 mini-rockets12AnalogCRB p.185
Seeker rifle, paragon2080920012d8 P100 ft.24 rounds11AnalogCRB p.186
Pulsecaster rifle11001d6 E50 ft.20 charges11NonlethalCRB p.186
Arc emitter, tactical27501d4 E15 ft.20 charges41Blast, stun, unwieldyCRB p.186
Arc rifle, static642001d12 E70 ft.Arc 1d640 charges12StunCRB p.186
Arc emitter, advanced9132002d4 E30 ft.40 charges101Blast, stun, unwieldyCRB p.186
Arc rifle, aurora11245002d12 E70 ft.Arc 2d640 charges12StunCRB p.186
Arc rifle, storm161903004d12 E80 ft.Arc 4d680 charges22StunCRB p.186
Arc rifle, tempest196220006d12 E80 ft.Arc 6d6100 charges22StunCRB p.186
Sonic rifle, thunderstrike534001d10 So50 ft.Deafen40 charges21CRB p.187
Streetsweeper, thunderstrike771501d10 So50 ft.Knockdown40 charges52Boost 1d6CRB p.187
Sonic rifle, LFD10170002d10 So50 ft.Deafen40 charges22CRB p.187
Streetsweeper, LFD12393003d10 So50 ft.Knockdown40 charges52Boost 1d8CRB p.187
Sonic rifle, HFD14802004d10 So50 ft.Deafen80 charges42CRB p.187
Streetsweeper, HFD161950005d10 So50 ft.Knockdown40 charges52Boost 1d10CRB p.187
Sonic rifle, banshee183645006d10 So50 ft.Deafen100 charges52CRB p.187
Needler rifle11101d6 P60 ft.Injection DC +212 darts11Analog, injectionCRB p.189

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