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Laser rifle, corona

Starfinder Core Rulebook p.184

Level: 6
Price: 4650
Damage: 2d6 F
Range: 120 ft.
Critical: Burn 1d6
Capacity: 40 charges
Usage: 1
Bulk: 1

With its snub, squared barrel and internal reinforcements, a laser rifle is sturdy and dependable.

One-handed WeaponsTypeLevelPriceDamageRangeCriticalCapacityUsageBulkSpecialSource
Laser rifle, azimuthLongarms14251d8 F120 ft.Burn 1d620 charges11CRB p.184
Laser rifle, aphelionLongarms9143003d6 F120 ft.Burn 1d640 charges11CRB p.184
Laser rifle, perihelionLongarms13538005d6 F130 ft.Burn 2d6100 charges21CRB p.184
Laser rifle, parallaxLongarms172480008d6 F150 ft.Burn 4d6100 charges21CRB p.184
Laser rifle, zenithLongarms2072200011d6 F150 ft.Burn 5d6100 charges21CRB p.184


The target gains the burning condition (see page 273).

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