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Technological Items

Technology is everywhere in Starfinder, and includes any number of devices useful to adventurers, such as those presented on Table 7–26: Technological Items. Unless otherwise indicated, activating or deactivating an item is a standard action. Items that can be activated to modify an action you’re taking last for the duration of that action (such as those that modify skill checks), in which case activating the item is part of that action.
Unless otherwise specified, technological items use a battery and are subject to special abilities that work against items using batteries, charges, or technology. If an item doesn’t specify a usage, it needs very little power and has an internal battery designed to function for decades or even centuries without recharging. Items with a specified usage use a battery that comes fully charged when purchased. Such batteries can be recharged as normal using generators or recharging stations (see Professional Services on page 234), or they can be replaced (see Table 7–9: Ammunition for battery prices).
Of course, there’s a vast array of technological devices available in most settlements—well beyond the number that could possibly be presented in any real-world book. In general, any minor piece of equipment with a real-world equivalent (alarm clock, camera, digital keys for vehicles you own, timer, watch, and so on) can be purchased with GM approval, costs 5 credits and has light bulk.

Signal jammerVariesLevel squared × 100L121/10 minuteCRB p.221
Binoculars1502LPWD p.199
Cable line, titanium alloy15/10 ft.L/10 ft.CRB p.218
Comm unit, personal171L801/hourCRB p.218
Detonator11501L51/useCRB p.218
Fire extinguisher1151L201/roundCRB p.218
Locks, simple11002LCRB p.220
Medical gear, basic medkit110021CRB p.220
Medical gear, medpatch1501L11CRB p.220
Oxygen candle1201LPWD p.199
Portable light, beacon12521101/hourCRB p.220
Portable light, flashlight111L101/hourCRB p.220
Portable light, lantern111L101/hourCRB p.220
Portable light, spotlight12521101/hourCRB p.220
Radiation badge1100LSee textPWD p.198
Restraints, binders15CRB p.221
Tool kit, climbing kit1200LPWD p.198
Tool kit, demolitionist’s1200PWD p.198
Tool kit, disguise120LCRB p.221
Tool kit, engineering120LCRB p.221
Tool kit, hacking120LCRB p.221
Tool kit, linguist’s1200LPWD p.198
Tool kit, navigator's120LCRB p.221
Tool kit, portable weather station1200LPWD p.198
Tool kit, professional's120LCRB p.221
Tool kit, rider's120LCRB p.221
Tool kit, starship repair1200LPWD p.198
Tool kit, survivalist’s1200LPWD p.198
Tool kit, trapsmith's120LCRB p.221
Cable line, adamantine alloy2500/10 ft.L/20 ft.CRB p.218
Grappler2700L201/minuteCRB p.219
Holoskin2500L201/10 minuteCRB p.220
Magboots27501201/hourPWD p.198
Tool kit, engineering specialty2445LCRB p.221
Library chip3250PWD p.199
Lock, average310002LCRB p.220
Holdall raiment42000LDS05 p.40
Magniscope420001L201/hourPWD p.198
Purifying puck420001L401/roundPWD p.198
Restraints, manacles43501CRB p.221
Acclimation torc52700L501/hourDS05 p.40
Frictionless gel5450LPWD p.199
Laser microphone527252L101/minuteCRB p.220
Medical gear, advanced medkit5270021CRB p.220
Medical gear, sprayflesh54401L11CRB p.220
Comm unit, system-wide6400020CRB p.218
Dimensional comm unit645001DS05 p.40
Locks, good636002LCRB p.220
Spy drone64550L201/minuteCRB p.221
Tracking bug64250L201/hourPWD p.199
Antigravity belt76500L201/roundPWD p.198
Horizon shield7650011201/roundDS05 p.40
Medical gear, medical lab77000250CRB p.220
Motion detector760001L101/hourCRB p.220
Autoclaw8900021401/roundPWD p.198
X-ray visor915000L401/roundCRB p.221
Comm unit, unlimited123200040CRB p.218
Memory Expunger1350000LAA1 p.57
Spear of Fates1310230022100 chargesSee textDS06 p.30
Locks, superior14600002LCRB p.220
Regeneration table1645000220CRB p.220

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