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Though numerous pharmaceuticals and similar substances can be referred to as medicinals, this entry refers specifically to substances primarily used to treat ailments and which lack addictive properties. However, many medicinals can also be used to help incapacitate a target or capture one largely unharmed. Medicinals can be delivered in the same way as drugs, including via a successful attack with a weapon with the injection weapon special property.

Analgesic, tier 111501CRB p.232
Analgesic, tier 2530001CRB p.232
Analgesic, tier 310150001CRB p.232
Analgesic, tier 415235001CRB p.232
Antiemetic, tier 111501ARM p.132
Antiemetic, tier 2530001ARM p.132
Antiemetic, tier 310150001ARM p.132
Antiemetic, tier 415235001ARM p.132
Antitoxin, tier 111501CRB p.232
Antitoxin, tier 2530001CRB p.232
Antitoxin, tier 310150001CRB p.232
Antitoxin, tier 415235001CRB p.232
Coagulant, tier 111501ARM p.132
Coagulant, tier 2530001ARM p.132
Coagulant, tier 310150001ARM p.132
Coagulant, tier 415235001ARM p.132
Excitant, tier 111501ARM p.133
Excitant, tier 2530001ARM p.133
Excitant, tier 310150001ARM p.133
Excitant, tier 415235001ARM p.133
Sedative, tier 111501CRB p.232
Sedative, tier 2530001CRB p.232
Sedative, tier 310150001CRB p.232
Sedative, tier 415235001CRB p.232
Stimulant, tier 111501ARM p.133
Stimulant, tier 2530001ARM p.133
Stimulant, tier 310150001ARM p.133
Stimulant, tier 415235001ARM p.133

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