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Plasma caster, blue star

Starfinder Core Rulebook p.185

Level: 17
Price: 275000
Damage: 5d10 E & F
Range: 80 ft.
Critical: Burn 2d10
Capacity: 200 charges
Usage: 10
Bulk: 2
Special: Boost 2d10

Plasma casters fling bolts of ionized plasma at a target. They have good range and are easier to use than plasma rifles or pistols, but they strike only a single target.

One-handed WeaponsTypeLevelPriceDamageRangeCriticalCapacityUsageBulkSpecialSource
Plasma caster, white starLongarms13491003d10 E & F80 ft.Burn 1d10100 charges52Boost 1d10CRB p.185


The target gains the burning condition (see page 273).


You can charge up a weapon with this special property as a move action. When you do, you increase the weapon’s damage by the listed amount on the next attack you make with the weapon. Boosting expends charges from the weapon equal to its usage value. This increases the weapon’s damage and is multiplied on a critical hit. Boosting a weapon more than once before firing it doesn’t have any extra effect, and the extra charge dissipates if the weapon is not fired by the end of your next turn.

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