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Acid dart rifle, complex

Starfinder Core Rulebook p.185

Level: 12
Price: 39200
Damage: 4d8 A & P
Range: 90 ft.
Critical: Corrode 4d4
Capacity: 48 darts
Usage: 4
Bulk: 2
Special: Analog

An acid dart rifle has a nonreactive polymer reservoir that can be filled with whatever acid the wielder desires. The automatic loading process fills the rifle darts with acid as they are moved into the chamber. Dual acid dart rifles fire two darts simultaneously, while complex acid dart rifles hold concentrated doses of acid.

One-handed WeaponsTypeLevelPriceDamageRangeCriticalCapacityUsageBulkSpecialSource
Acid dart rifle, tacticalLongarms24851d8 A & P80 ft.Corrode 1d410 darts11AnalogCRB p.185
Acid dart rifle, dualLongarms769002d8 A & P90 ft.Corrode 2d424 darts21AnalogCRB p.185


The target takes corrode damage equal to the amount listed. This functions as the burning condition but deals acid damage rather than fire damage.


This weapon does not use any advanced electronics, computer systems, or electrical power sources. It is immune to abilities that target technology. While this use of the word “analog” is not technically correct when referring to technology, use of the term in this way has become common throughout the Pact Worlds.

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