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Inheritor's grace II

Starfinder Armory p.68

Level: 14
Price: 67400
EAC: +20; KAC: +21
Maximum Dex Bonus: +3
Armor Check Penalty: -2
Speed Adjustment: -5 ft.
Upgrade Slots: 5
Bulk: 2

When first commissioned by the Church of Iomedae, this heavy armor was dubbed Armor of the Inheritor Ascendant. This cumbersome mouthful was soon supplanted by the tongue-and-cheek nickname “Inheritor's grace,” as “by her grace, we are protected.” Now only the dourest of Iomedae's church refer to her armor by its proper title. Each suit of Inheritor's grace armor constructed by the church receives blessings as part of its construction, though otherwise identical knock-offs and officially licensed suits also exist. The armor is extremely common among worshipers of Iomedae and Knights of Golarion, but it is also worn by those with no connection to her faith.
The base model of Inheritor's grace makes use of lightweight alloy plates backed by energy-dissipating padding. More expensive models use heavier alloys and preserve mobility through reaction-feedback enhancements at each joint. A typical suit protects the wearer's head with a projected force field for better visibility and a more commanding presence, but some eschew this in favor of battle helmets designed with an aesthetic similar to ancient helms.

Dex Bonus
Armor Check
Inheritor's grace IHeavy64450+9+10+3-2-5 ft.22ARM p.68
Inheritor's grace IIIHeavy19591000+25+27+4-2-5 ft.72ARM p.68

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