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Hybrid Items

Hybrid equipment makes use of both technology and magic; though not necessarily in equal measure, both forces are crucial to the item’s function. Effects that modify or otherwise apply to magic or technological items also work when applied to hybrid items.

Attablossom1150LDF02 p.14
Cleanliness Circuits (Worn)150—FF04 p.53
Defensive Threads, Mk 1 (Worn)1502FF04 p.53
Dust goggles (Worn)1120—DS05 p.43
Instant ground1251A!03 p.42
Plant shield amulet (Worn)1300—DS05 p.43
Sense Silk, Mk 1 (Worn)150—FF04 p.53
Shotalashu saddle1300AA2 p.115
Software imp, tier 11400—ARM p.124
Starstone compass13LCRB p.227
Thermal Regulator1150LDF02 p.17
Empathic depiction, portrait2750—DF01 p.45
Lesser shadowstaff25001AA1 p.37
Metal nitro, silver2175—ARM p.123
Mindlink circlet, mk 121600LCRB p.227
Animistic tools, mk 131350LARM p.120
Book of predilections31500—A!04 p.52
Deoxy pellet3250LA!03 p.42
Hivejack, mk 131500LDF04 p.52
Intonation Pendant31250—3C03 p.44
Mindshield circlet, basic31350LA!03 p.42
Motion-detection badge (Worn)31350LAT01 p.10
Redundancy belt (Worn)31200LDS05 p.43
Software imp, tier 231400—ARM p.124
Suspension Pill3250—FF01 p.47
Ablative insulation, mk 14350LPWD p.202
Animated trapsmith's tools42000LDS04 p.45
Computer idol, mk 141850LARM p.120
Creator capsule, mk 142000LARM p.120
Efficient bandolier42000LCRB p.226
Empathic depiction, bust422001DF01 p.45
Gravitic modulator (Worn)422001DS05 p.43
Lightning gatherer422502A!03 p.42
Prescient lenses, mk 1 (Worn)42150—PWD p.203
Psychic booster42000LCRB p.227
Sense Silk, Mk 2 (Worn)4250—FF04 p.53
Static glider418001A!03 p.44
Telespectrum circlet, Mk 142400LDF01 p.45
Vital seed, beast4650—ARM p.125
Astral Transponder53500LDF02 p.9
Current Generator, Mk 1527502FF03 p.50
Digital harrow deck53500LCRB p.226
Fung-eye goggles52800L3C04 p.53
Mnemonic editor, mk 1550010CRB p.226
Null-space chamber, mk 153050LCRB p.227
Null-space tumor530501DF04 p.53
Software imp, tier 352800—ARM p.124
Swarm battery5550LA!01 p.52
Universal solvent, basic5500—ARM p.125
Empathic depiction, statue645002DF01 p.45
Holding gloves, mk 1 (Worn)64250LARM p.122
Immobilizer64,000LDA03 p.53
Metal nitro, gold6675—ARM p.123
Phase detector64000LARM p.124
Scrambler gloves, mk 1 (Worn)64500LARM p.124
Tactokinesis gloves (Worn)64450LPWD p.203
Animistic tools, mk 275500LARM p.120
Breath-stealer mask76800LDF04 p.33
Defensive Threads, Mk 2 (Worn)775502FF04 p.53
Mi-go hollowskin75500LAA2 p.83
Mindshield circlet, mk 176250LA!03 p.42
Motospheres (pack of 4)75600LPWD p.202
Retrieval charms, mk 176500LARM p.124
Software imp, tier 476000—ARM p.124
Ablative insulation, mk 281500LPWD p.202
Allegiance Collar (Worn)810000LDF01 p.16
Computer idol, mk 288500LARM p.120
Creator capsule, mk 289000LARM p.120
Dimensional fetters892001DS04 p.45
Dromada Clutch892001AA3 p.29
Kinetic converter, mk 1 (Worn)810500LARM p.123
Memory crypt (Worn)89500—ARM p.123
Mi-go brain cylinder8100001AA2 p.83
Mindlink circlet, mk 2811000LCRB p.227
Sense Silk, Mk 3 (Worn)811000—FF04 p.53
Shadowstaff8100001AA1 p.37
Vampiric charger810000LARM p.125
Adjudicator's eye912500LDF04 p.51
Captive-star amulet, red dwarf (Worn)914500LARM p.120
Entropy gloves (Worn)913000LARM p.122
Hivejack, mk 2913750LDF04 p.52
Null-space chamber, mk 2912250LCRB p.227
Prescient lenses, mk 2 (Worn)913900—PWD p.203
Software imp, tier 5912500—ARM p.124
Soul projector, arriver915000LDF04 p.34
Telekinetic gloves (Worn)913500LARM p.125
Universal solvent, concentrated92000—ARM p.125
Antipathy unit10200005DF05 p.44
Current Generator, Mk 210170002FF03 p.50
Earthbound anklets (Worn)1017000LARM p.121
Metal nitro, platinum102700—ARM p.123
Mnemonic editor, mk 210300010CRB p.226
Necrotic mantle (Worn)1017000LPWD p.203
Queller10180001DS04 p.45
Remote surveyor (Worn)1018000LDS05 p.43
Scrambler gloves, mk 2 (Worn)1018000LARM p.124
Swarm programmer pill102800—A!01 p.52
Telelocator1020000LDF01 p.45
Telespectrum circlet, Mk 21020000LDF01 p.45
Vital seed, zeolite105000—ARM p.125
Void dust102550—ARM p.126
Adaptive swarm mask1124500LA!01 p.52
Animistic tools, mk 31122000LARM p.120
Infiltration assistant (Worn)1128000LARM p.122
Mindshield circlet, mk 21124500LA!03 p.42
Retrieval charms, mk 21126000LARM p.124
Software imp, tier 61125000—ARM p.124
Void hag robe11250001DF06 p.24
Ablative insulation, mk 3125500LPWD p.202
Computer idol, mk 31234000LARM p.120
Creator capsule, mk 31238000LARM p.120
Holding gloves, mk 2 (Worn)1235000LARM p.122
Kinetic converter, mk 2 (Worn)1242000LARM p.123
Mind guardian (Worn)1236000—PWD p.202
Mind Scour1235250L3C03 p.44
Psychic resonator1240000100DF05 p.44
Runeworm1237000—DS06 p.30
Captive-star amulet, magnetar (Worn)1354000LARM p.120
Eoxian wrackstaff13485001AA1 p.81
Eyes of Rhean1355000LDS06 p.30
Felnar13500004DA03 p.52
Null-space chamber, mk 31350000LCRB p.227
Software imp, tier 71350000—ARM p.124
Universal solvent, forte137500—ARM p.125
Dimensional modulator14560002DF04 p.52
Electroencephalon Command Key14750001DS06 p.35
Entanglement Belt (Pair)1468,0001DA03 p.52
Metal nitro, star1410800—ARM p.123
Mindlink circlet, mk 31478000LCRB p.227
Prescient lenses, mk 3 (Worn)1477000—PWD p.203
Quantum Processor1472,5001DA03 p.53
Scrambler gloves, mk 3 (Worn)1473000LARM p.124
Current Generator, Mk 315950002FF03 p.50
Erasure Worm15110000—3C02 p.45
Hivejack, mk 315108000LDF04 p.52
Mindshield circlet, mk 315107000LA!03 p.42
Mnemonic editor, mk 3152000010CRB p.226
Retrieval charms, mk 315105000LARM p.124
Software imp, tier 815100000—ARM p.124
Soul projector, Returner15120000LDF04 p.34
Kinetic converter, mk 3 (Worn)16172000LARM p.123
Life Fluid Hypopen1625,000—DA03 p.53
Rel-battery, Mk 116150,000—DA03 p.53
Telespectrum circlet, Mk 316160000LDF01 p.45
Captive-star amulet, pulsar (Worn)17270000LARM p.120
Domination Visor172200001DA03 p.52
Null-space chamber, mk 417250000LCRB p.227
Rel-battery, Mk 217225,000—DA03 p.53
Software imp, tier 917225000—ARM p.124
Universal solvent, regia1736000—ARM p.125
Vital seed, regrower1740000—ARM p.125
Rel-battery, Mk 318325,000—DA03 p.53
Energy-matter gateway196000004ARM p.121
Mindshield circlet, mk 419550000LA!03 p.42
Rel-battery, Mk 419500,000—DA03 p.53
Rel-state Generator19550000LDA03 p.53
Retrieval charms, mk 419480000LARM p.124
Software imp, tier 1019550000—ARM p.124
Mnemonic editor, mk 42012500010CRB p.226
Quantum Pad20900,000LDA03 p.53
Rel-battery, Mk 520725,000—DA03 p.53
Soul projector, awakener20900000LDF04 p.34
Transposition Key20800,000—DA03 p.39


In some cases, hybrid items may require charges. However, such charged hybrid items typically function in a different way from charged technological items, whose batteries must be recharged or replaced. A hybrid item’s charges are inherent to the construction of the item and can’t be replenished with generators or batteries. Charges for a hybrid item either refresh each day or never refresh, depending on the item.

Wearing Hybrid Items

Hybrid items you wear on your body count as magic items when you are determining how many you can use at once (see page 222). You can wear only up to two total hybrid or magic items at a time for them to both function normally. Like for magic items, you cannot wear more than one of the same type of hybrid item except for rings. For instance, you could not wear both a mindlink circlet and a tiara of translocation. You cannot wear a magic item and hybrid item of the same type at the same time.

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