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Fung-eye goggles

Starfinder Adventure Path #28: The Hollow Cabal (The Threefold Conspiracy 4 of 6) p.53

Level: 5
Price: 2800
Bulk: L

Capacity 20; Usage 2/Minute These lightweight goggles are programmed to recognize fungi, bacteria, molds, and similar organic matter. Each unique form of contaminant is color-coded for the wearer’s convenience, whether it is coating the surface of an object or in an airborne cloud. By focusing on a particular sample, the wearer can trigger magnification and a HUD that provides helpful analysis and commentary. Fung-eye goggles are popular among scientists, custodial employees, and school children. The latest model, however, can also identify dycepskian hosts and free-floating dycepskian spores.
While you have fung-eye goggles activated, you have a +1 circumstance bonus to Perception checks to spot bacteria, fungus, molds, spores, and similar organic material, and a +1 circumstance bonus to Life Science checks to identify these targets once you see them. These bonuses rise to +2 to spot and identify dycepskians, dycepskian spores, or creatures infested by dycepskian spores but who have not yet succumbed.

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