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Precog Spell List (Playtest)


DazeHumanoid creature of CR 3 or lower is dazed.CRB p.347
Detect AfflictionDetermine whether a creature or object has been poisoned, is diseased, is cursed, or is suffering a similar affliction.CRB p.348
Detect MagicDetect spells and magic items within 60 feet.CRB p.348
Ghost SoundCreate minor illusory sounds.CRB p.356
MendingRestore 1d4 Hit Points to an object or construct.CRB p.364
Psychokinetic HandTelekinetically move an object of 1 bulk or less.CRB p.370
StabilizeCause a dying creature to stabilize.CRB p.378
Telepathic MessageSend a short telepathic message and hearsimple telepathic replies.CRB p.381
Token SpellPerform simple magical effects.CRB p.382
Transfer ChargeMove charges from one power source to another source of the same type.CRB p.383


Comprehend CustomsGain a +2 insight bonus to Culture checks about a specific culture made within the spell's duration.COM p.134
Comprehend LanguagesYou understand all spoken, signed, and written or tactile languages.CRB p.344
Confusion, LesserOne living creature is confused for 1 round.CRB p.344
Detect AugmentationDetect augmentations on creatures you can see.ARM p.149
Detect RadiationDetect radiation within 120 feet.CRB p.348
Disguise SelfChange your appearance.CRB p.350
EraseRemove writings of either magical or mundane nature.CRB p.353
Hold PortalHold a door shut.CRB p.359
IdentifyGain a +10 bonus to identify items of a magic or technological nature.CRB p.361
IncompetenceCauses target to lose 1 weapon proficiency of your choice.ARM p.157
Keen SenseTarget gains low-light vision and a +2 bonus to Perception checks.CRB p.363
Know CoordinatesLearn the exact location of one creature on the same world as you.COM p.137
OverheatDeal 2d8 fire damage to creatures in cone.CRB p.367
RecallReroll any failed skill check once while the spell is active.COM p.23
Reflecting ArmorSheath of mystical force can reflect damage back on foe.CRB p.372
Remove Condition, LesserRemove one minor harmful condition affecting a creature.CRB p.373
Scan EnvironmentLearn information about the environment by studying and analyzing it for various lengths of time.COM p.23
Share MemoryTarget shares memory with you and five others.COM p.141


AuguryLearn whether an action will be good or bad.CRB p.340
Dampening FieldPrevent creatures from detecting you using sounds or vibrations.NSP p.155
Daze MonsterTarget living creature of CR 5 or lower is dazed.CRB p.347
Delay CountermeasuresDelay one computer's countermeasures.COM p.134
Force BlastCone deals 2d6 force damage and bull rushes creatures.CRB p.356
Hold PersonParalyze one humanoid.CRB p.359
InvisibilityTarget is invisible for 1 minute per level or until it attacks.CRB p.362
KnockOpens a locked or magically sealed door.CRB p.363
Make WholeRestore 5d6 Hit Points to an objectCRB p.364
Mirror ImageCreate decoy duplicates of yourself.CRB p.366
Parallel FormDisguise creatures' forms and equipment, and give targets a bonus to Bluff checks to impersonate individualsCOM p.138
Perfect RecallRecall one memory unaltered by magic perfectly.COM p.139
Predict FoeAs a reaction, shout a warning to an ally and grant that ally concealment against an attack.COM p.139
RechargeReplenish charges in a battery or item capable of holding charges.CRB p.372
Remove ConditionRemove one moderate harmful condition affecting a creature.CRB p.373
Resist RadiationAutomatically succeed at saving throws against weak radiation and suppress radiation sickness.COM p.140
Restoration, LesserDispel magical ability penalty or cure 1d4 ability damage.CRB p.374
See InvisibilitySee invisible creatures or objects.CRB p.376
Shield OtherYou take half of the target's Hit Point damage.CRB p.377
StatusMonitor condition and position of allies.CRB p.379


Arcane SightMagical sources become visible to you.CRB p.340
Clairaudience/ClairvoyanceHear or see at a distance for 1 minute per level.CRB p.342
Death AffinityTransform a creature into an undead amalgam with some of an undead creature's abilities.NSP p.155
DischargeDisrupts or depowers one target technological item or construct.CRB p.350
Dispel MagicCancel one magical spell or effect.CRB p.351
DisplacementAttacks miss target 50% of the time.CRB p.352
Entropic GraspTouch decays a construct or nonmagical manufactured item once per round per level.CRB p.353
Explosive BlastDeal 9d6 fire damage to creatures in a 20-foot radius.CRB p.354
GroundlingGive a target a burrow speed and DR 5/bludgeoning.COM p.135
HasteOne creature per level moves and acts faster.CRB p.358
Hologram MemoryExtract a creature's memory and replay it as a hologram.CRB p.359
NondetectionHide target from divination and surveillance.CRB p.367
Pinpoint NavigationGain a +10 to Piloting checks for navigation.COM p.139
Planned ObsolescenceTransform a weapon or set of armor into an archaic facsimile.NSP p.156
PrescienceConcentrate on an enemy, predict their actions, and prepare an appropriate response.COM p.139
Preserve SpecimenTouch a willing or unconscious creature and put them in stasis, halting any active effects until the spells ends.COM p.23
Probability PredictionReroll one attack roll, save, or check.CRB p.369
Remove AfflictionNeutralize curses, diseases, infestations, poisons, and other harmful conditions affecting a creature.CRB p.373
Resistant Armor, LesserGrant DR 5/— or energy resistance 5 against two energy types.CRB p.374
SlowOne creature per level moves and acts slower.CRB p.377
Speak With DeadCorpse answers up to six questions.CRB p.378
TonguesTarget can speak and understand any language.CRB p.383


Animate DeadCreate controlled undead creatures out oftarget corpses.CRB p.340
Arcane EyeInvisible floating eye moves 30 feet per round and sends you visual information.CRB p.340
ConfusionTargets behave randomly for 1 round per level.CRB p.344
Death WardTarget gains +4 bonus to saves against death spells, and is immune to negative energy and gaining negative levels.CRB p.348
Dimension DoorTeleport a short distance.CRB p.349
Discern LiesReveal deliberate falsehoods.CRB p.349
DismissalForce a creature to return to its native plane.CRB p.350
Displace MemoryYou deposit a memory into a small object.COM p.134
DivinationGain useful advice for specific proposed actions.CRB p.352
EnervationRay imposes 2 negative levels.CRB p.353
Hold MonsterParalyze one creature.CRB p.359
Invisibility, GreaterTarget is invisible for 1 round per level, even if it attacks.CRB p.362
Mind ProbePotentially access a target creature's memories and its knowledge.CRB p.365
Modify OutcomeAttempt to replace an ally's failed action with a success from another reality.NSP p.156
Planar BindingTrap an extraplanar creature of CR 4 or lower until it performs a task.CRB p.369
Reanimate ConstructReanimate a destroyed technological creature to serve you.NSP p.157
Remove RadioactivityRemove ongoing radiation effects from a creature or object.CRB p.374
Resilient SphereForce globe protects but traps one target.CRB p.374
Resistant ArmorGrant DR 10/— or energy resistance 10 to three energy types.CRB p.374
RestorationRestores ability score drain and negative levels.CRB p.374


Break EnchantmentFree creatures from curses, enchantments, and transmutations.CRB p.341
Contact Other PlaneAsk questions of an extraplanar entity, with questionable results.CRB p.344
DismissalForce extraplanar creatures whose total CR is no greater than your level + 2 to return to their native planes.CRB p.350
Dispel Magic, GreaterCancel multiple spells or effects.CRB p.352
FeeblemindTarget's Intelligence and Charisma scores drop to 1.CRB p.354
Heat LeechDeal 13d8 cold damage to creatures in a cone.CRB p.359
MisleadMake yourself invisible and create an illusory double of your likeness.CRB p.366
Modify MemoryChange 5 minutes of target's memories.CRB p.366
PasswallCreate a passage through most walls.CRB p.368
Planar BindingTrap an extraplanar creature of CR 7 or lower until it performs a task.CRB p.369
Private SanctumPrevent anyone from viewing or scrying an area for 24 hours.CRB p.369
Prying EyesTwenty floating eyes scout for you.CRB p.370
Raise DeadRestore life to a creature that died no more than 1 day per level ago.CRB p.370
Rapid RepairConstruct or weapon regains 2d8 Hit Points per round for 1 minute.CRB p.371
Reality BendConcentrate on an ally, and shift them up to 10 feet once per round when it's most convenient.COM p.140
ReanimateReanimate a recently destroyed construct or undead.PWD p.207
Remove Condition, GreaterRemove all harmful conditions affecting a creature.CRB p.373
RetrocognitionGain psychic impressions of past events in a certain location.CRB p.375
TeleportInstantly teleport as far as 2,000 miles.CRB p.381
Wall of ForceInvisible wall is difficult to destroy.CRB p.384
Waves of FatigueSeveral targets become fatigued.CRB p.385


Control UndeadUndead creatures follow your commands and don't attack you.CRB p.345
DisintegrateRay reduces one creature or object to dust.CRB p.350
Enshrining RefugeTargets can't attack or be attacked, but can exist comfortably.CRB p.353
Ethereal JauntYou become ethereal for 1 round per level.CRB p.354
Interplanetary TeleportTeleport between planets.CRB p.362
Invisibility, MassMultiple targets are invisible for 1 minute per level or until one target attacks or moves away from other targets affected by spell.CRB p.362
Planar BarrierSeal an area against all planar travel into or within it.CRB p.368
Planar BindingTrap an extraplanar creature of CR 10 or lower until it performs a task.CRB p.369
Plane ShiftAs many as eight creatures travel to another plane you choose.CRB p.369
Psychic SurgeryCure all Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma damage and drain, plus remove other mental afflictions and conditions.CRB p.370
RegenerateGrow back target's severed limbs, restore 12d8 Hit Points, and remove exhaustion and fatigue.CRB p.372
Resistant Armor, GreaterGrant DR 15/— or energy resistance 15 against four energy types.CRB p.374
Snuff LifeInstantly kill or massively damage one creature per 2 caster levels, depending on targets' CRs.CRB p.377
Summon Drift BeaconsConjure Drift beacons to facilitate starship travel.NSP p.157
TerraformAlter terrain and climate.CRB p.382
True SeeingTarget can see things as they really are.CRB p.383
Usher ApocalypseDeal fire damage, create difficult terrain, and potentially anchor foes to the ground in the area.COM p.142
VisionAnswer a question about a person, place, or object.CRB p.384


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