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Vehicles range from simple personal transports to massive airships and sea vessels. The rules for vehicles and vehicle chases are found in Chapter 8, starting on page 278. Starships are handled differently from vehicles—see Chapter 9 for more on starships. Statistics for specific vehicles are detailed below.

Basic enercycle1700Large land vehicle 22 mph1CRB p.228
Exploration buggy11000Large land vehicle 40 mph3CRB p.228
Goblin junkcycle1425Medium land vehicle 28 mphCRB p.228
Torpedo minisub11500Large water vehicle 22 mph (swim)1CRB p.228
Hovertrike21850Large land vehicle 22 mph (hover)2AT01 p.21
Motorcycle21900Large land vehicle 55 mph1ARM p.138
Urban cruiser22210Large land vehicle 55 mph3CRB p.228
Performance Cruiser34320Large land and air vehicle 90 mph (fly and hover)1DF02 p.33
Ultralight turboglider33170Large low-altitude air vehicle 40 mph (fly)1ARM p.139
Police cruiser46195Large land and air vehicle 75 mph (ground and fly)1 plus 2 prisonersCRB p.229
Survey Walker44650Huge land vehicle 40 mph3ARM p.139
Acid auger59400Large land and tunneling vehicle 40 mph (land), 5 mph (burrow)1ARM p.137
Hover truck57000Gargantuan land and water vehicle 50 mph (hover)3ARM p.138
All-terrain transport68370Huge land vehicle 50 mph7CRB p.229
Pump-jet sub613150Huge water vehicle 50 mph (swim)7CRB p.229
Water Bear612500Gargantuan water vehicle 65 mph (swim)8AA3 p.41
Hover pod714850Large land and water vehicle 65 mph (hover)3CRB p.229
Sunskimmer716500Huge air vehicle 60 mph (fly)7DF02 p.48
Tactical walker720900Huge land vehicle 48 mph3ARM p.139
Armored transport822400Huge land vehicle 50 mph1ARM p.137
Asteroid borer832700Huge land, tunneling, and water vehicle 60 mph (hover and swim), 10 mph (burrow through stone)3ARM p.137
Kishalee hoverbike820000Large land and air vehicle 65 mph (hover and fly)1DS05 p.41
Security train820000Huge land vehicle 140 mphDS06 p.24
Recon enercopter943000Huge air vehicle 85 mph (fly)7ARM p.138
Transport walker928200Huge land vehicle 75 mph (climb and land)7ARM p.139
Armored null-space transport1048800Large land and water vehicle 85 mph (hover)3ARM p.137
Grav-train1038000Colossal land vehicle 130 mph48DS06 p.24
Linecrawler1062000Colossal air vehicle 50 mph (fly)150DF02 p.48
Stealth sub1057500Gargantuan water vehicle 65 mph (swim)54ARM p.138
Tactical underminer1179500Huge land, tunneling, and water vehicle 65 mph (hover), 13 mph (burrow through stone)23ARM p.139
Threnody-class assault fighter1162000Large air vehicle 130 mph (hover)DS06 p.11
Assault enercopter12114500Gargantuan air vehicle 90 mph (fly)11ARM p.137
Protector chariot12120000Large land, air, and water vehicle 65 mph (hover and fly)3DF05 p.44
Hover tank14227000Gargantuan land and water vehicle 65 mph (hover)13ARM p.138
Spy cruiser15316000Huge air, land, and water vehicle 90 mph (fly and hover)5ARM p.138
Stealth enercopter16535000Huge air vehicle 95 mph (fly)9ARM p.138
Hover artillery17780000Gargantuan land and water vehicle 55 mph (hover)26ARM p.137
Aerial mining rig181080000Colossal air, land, and water vehicle 50 mph (fly and hover)39200ARM p.137
Quantum pod191630000Huge air, land, tunneling, and water vehicle and swim), 34 mph (burrow through steel and softer)8ARM p.138
Ultimatum hover carrier203750000Colossal air, land, and water vehicle 40 mph (fly and hover)591000ARM p.139

A vehicle stat block contains the following entries.

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