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Asteroid borer

Starfinder Armory p.137

Level: 8
Price: 32700
Type: Huge land, tunneling, and water vehicle (10 ft. wide, 20 ft. long, 10 ft. high)
Speed: 30 ft., full 550 ft., 60 mph (hover and swim); 30 ft., full 90 ft., 10 mph (burrow through stone)
EAC: 20; KAC: 21; Cover: total cover
HP: 115 (57); Hardness: 11
Attack (Collision) 8d10 (DC 14); ignores 8 points of hardness
Modifiers: –2 Piloting, –3 attack (–6 at full speed)
System: autocontrol, enhanced sensors (darkvision 120 ft., sense through [vision, stone only] 60 ft.), expansion bay, system-wide comm unit; Passenger: 3


High-powered mining lasers and spinning drills allow this vehicle to move through solid stone, such as that found on asteroids, but it can just as easily move through water.


Some vehicles have autocontrol, which enables you to spend your actions on tasks other than piloting, but is far less capable than an autopilot. You can engage autocontrol as a swift action after taking a drive or race action, and it lasts until it is disengaged (also a swift action) or until the vehicle is no longer capable of moving. When you're using autocontrol, the vehicle becomes uncontrolled, but each round it moves in a straight line for the same distance and at the same heading and speed as the last pilot action (moving as if taking two drive actions if drive was the last action the pilot took, or as a race action if that was the last action the pilot took). The autocontrol uses the result of the pilot's most recent Piloting check as the result of its Piloting checks.

Enhanced Sensors

Normally, a creature in a vehicle can attempt Perception checks using its normal senses while inside the vehicle to notice things outside of the vehicle. A vehicle with enhanced sensors allows a creature in that vehicle to attempt Perception checks using the listed sense at the listed range.

Expansion Bay

Huge or Larger vehicles can contain one of the following starship expansion bay options (Core Rulebook 298), which is included in the vehicle's price: arcane laboratory, medical lab, passenger seating (though the expansion bay can hold only 8 Medium passengers), science lab, synthesis bay, or tech workshop. Alternatively, an expansion bay can be used to store cargo of up to 50 bulk in a 6-foot cube.

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