The Hidden Truth

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The Sun - The Burning MotherPact WorldsCRB p.434
Aballon - The ForgePact WorldsCRB p.436
Castrovel - The WildPact WorldsCRB p.438
Absalom Station - The NexusPact WorldsCRB p.440
Akiton - The BattlefieldPact WorldsCRB p.442
Verces - The LinePact WorldsCRB p.444
Idari - The RenewalPact WorldsCRB p.446
The Diaspora - The Lost OnesPact WorldsCRB p.448
Eox - The DeadPact WorldsCRB p.450
Triaxus - The WandererPact WorldsCRB p.452
Liavara - The DreamerPact WorldsCRB p.454
Bretheda - The CradlePact WorldsCRB p.456
Apostae - The MessengerPact WorldsCRB p.458
Aucturn - The StrangerPact WorldsCRB p.460
Daegox 4 - Inescapable Corporate PrisonNear SpaceCRB p.464
Daimalko - Ruins and Rampaging ColossiNear SpaceCRB p.464
Embroi - The Iron Thrall of HellNear SpaceCRB p.465
Orry - Blasted Cluster of Floating IslandsNear SpaceCRB p.467
Preluria - Orbital Rings of Infinite WorldsNear SpaceCRB p.467
Riven Shroud - Solar-Powered Starship GraveyardNear SpaceCRB p.468
The Veskarium - Cradle of a Mighty Interstellar War MachineNear SpaceCRB p.469
Arquand - The Unconscious Sprung to LifeThe VastCRB p.463
Azlanti Star Empire - Tyrannical Stellar ExpansionistsThe VastCRB p.463
Jedarat - Burgeoning Destinations Amid Alien RubbleThe VastCRB p.465
Lothun - Terraforming Project Gone HaywireThe VastCRB p.466
Orikolai - Ring-Shaped MacrolaboratoryThe VastCRB p.466
Shadari - A Shrouded ConfederacyThe VastCRB p.468
Tabori Cluster - The Frontier NebulaThe VastCRB p.469

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