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Special Material

Each major component of a starship—its armor, defensive countermeasures, power core, sensors, thrusters, and individual weapon mounts—can be constructed using only one special material, though each of a starship’s weapon mounts can use a different special material and counts as a separate system for this purpose. When purchasing a starship component, you can spend additional BP as shown below to purchase a version of that component made from a compatible special material.

Upgraded SystemBP CostSource
Power Core+2 BPSOM p.22
Weapon MountSpecialSOM p.22
Adamantine Alloy
ArmorSpecialSOM p.22
Weapon MountSpecialSOM p.22
Power Core+1 BPSOM p.22
Sensors+3 BPSOM p.22
Defensive Countermeasures+4 BPSOM p.22
Thrusters+2 BPSOM p.22
Thrusters+1 BPSOM p.23
Weapon MountSpecialSOM p.23
Armor+4 BPSOM p.23
Sensors+2 BPSOM p.23
Defensive Countermeasures+3 BPSOM p.23
SiccatiteArmor+2 BPSOM p.23

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