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Special Materials

Some weapons can be crafted using materials that have innate special properties. Only cartridges of ammunition and melee weapons that deal bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing damage can be made out of special materials. If you make a weapon out of more than one special material, you get the benefit of only the most prevalent material.
Each of the special materials described below has a defined game effect. Some creatures have damage reduction making them resistant to all but a special type of damage (such as that dealt by evil-aligned weapons) or damage from weapons of a particular material (such as cold iron). Characters may choose to carry several different types of weapons, depending on the types of creatures they most commonly encounter.
Each special material has specific properties and effects. Normally weapons and ammunition without metal parts can’t be made from most of these materials, a weapon that deals only energy damage doesn’t usually benefit from being made of such a material, and any device can only benefit from a single special material.

Ammunition (1 piece)+70 creditsARM p.66
Raw material (1 bulk)1,125 creditsARM p.66
Weapon+4,500 creditsARM p.66
Adamantine Alloy
Ammunition (1 piece)+50 creditsCRB p.191
Armor+2,500 creditsARM p.66
Raw material (1 bulk)625 creditsARM p.66
Weapon+2,500 creditsCRB p.191
Cold Iron
Ammunition (1 piece)+9 creditsCRB p.191
Raw material (1 bulk)115 creditsARM p.66
Weapon+450 creditsCRB p.191
Armor+2,000 creditsARM p.66
Item+2,000 creditsARM p.66
Raw material (1 bulk)500 creditsARM p.66
Weapon+2,000 creditsARM p.66
Ammunition (1 piece)+70 creditsARM p.66
Armor+3,500 creditsARM p.66
Raw material (1 bulk)875 creditsARM p.66
Weapon+3,500 creditsARM p.66
Ammunition (1 piece)+50 creditsARM p.67
Armor+2,500 creditsARM p.67
Raw material (1 bulk)625 creditsARM p.67
Weapon+2,500 creditsARM p.67
Ammunition (1 piece)+40 creditsDS01 p.26
Armor+2,000 creditsARM p.67
Raw material (1 bulk)500 creditsDS01 p.26
Weapon+2,000 creditsDS01 p.26
Purple Cores
Armor or shield+10%AA4 p.105
Armor+2,500 creditsARM p.67
Raw material (1 bulk)625 creditsARM p.67
Weapon+2,500 creditsARM p.67
Ammunition (1 piece)+6 creditsCRB p.191
Raw material (1 bulk)75 creditsARM p.67
Weapon+300 creditsCRB p.191
Ammunition (1 piece)+70 creditsAA4 p.41
Armor, shield, or weapon+4,500 creditsAA4 p.41
Raw material (1 bulk)1,125 creditsAA4 p.41

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