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Starship List

Klokworx Drone1/4Azlanti Star EmpireTiny racerAT01 p.49
Ringworks Wanderer1/4Pact WorldsSmall shuttleCRB p.310
Terminator Star Drake1/4VerciteTiny racerPWD p.160
Barrow Boneshard1/3Corpse FleetTiny racerDS06 p.50
CompEnt AEV1/3AballonianTiny racerPWD p.154
Idaran Voidrunner1/3KasathanTiny racerCRB p.308
Inheritorworks Truestrike1/3IomedaeanTiny interceptorSOM p.80
UIE Petaltail1/3ShirrenTiny racerSOM p.81
Death's Head Necroglider1/2EoxianTiny interceptorCRB p.306
KC K-51 Sky Fisher1/2Pact WorldsTiny interceptorSOM p.82
Norikama Defrex1/2VeskariumTiny interceptorSOM p.83
Reptoid Chameleon1/2ReptoidSmall shuttle3C03 p.52
UC Pod1/2XenowardenTiny biomechanical interceptorPWD p.162
BD5141EJ CorpSmall light freighterFF01 p.0
Death's Curtain Necrofighter1Corpse FleetTiny fighterDS03 p.50
Gray Watcher Pod1GrayTiny interceptor3C03 p.50
Infernex Burning Nail1HellknightTiny fighterPWD p.156
Kevolari Venture1Pact WorldsMedium explorerCRB p.311
Nebulor Skymedic1Tiny racerSOM p.84
Raxilite Doon1RaxiliteTiny biomechanical racerA!02 p.49
Redshift Revolution X-621Tiny fighterSOM p.85
Sovereign Harrier1Azlanti Star EmpireTiny fighterAT01 p.50
Starhive Drone Mk III1ShirrenSmall light freighterCRB p.312
AAC Dyad2Tiny fighterSOM p.86
Barrow Dirgesinger2Corpse FleetSmall light freighterDS06 p.50
BMC Mauler2VeskariumTiny fighterCRB p.314
Infernex Unshakable2HellknightTiny interceptorSOM p.87
Inheritorworks Brightsword2IomedaeanTiny fighterPWD p.158
Rust Bug2Medium transportFF05 p.0
Sword-class Attack Vessel2Gideron AuthorityMedium explorerNSP p.116
Terminus Wild2SuskillonMedium transportA!01 p.0
Thaumtech Cairncarver2EoxianSmall light freighterDS02 p.0
Vanguard Voidsweeper2Azlanti Star EmpireMedium explorerAT01 p.0
Aurora Yellow Dwarf3Medium explorerDF01 p.0
Grave Casket3Corpse FleetSmall shuttleDS03 p.50
Idaran Keris3Tiny fighterSOM p.88
Multifold G7 Autohauler3Small light freighterSOM p.89
Oliphaunt3EJ CorpMedium transportFF02 p.0
Redshift Pleasure Sail3VerciteMedium explorerPWD p.161
Reptoid Changeling3ReptoidMedium explorer3C03 p.52
SC Farseer3Szandite CollectiveMedium explorerNSP p.118
Sunrise Maiden3Medium explorerDS01 p.0
Vanguard Comet3Azlanti Star EmpireSmall shuttleAT01 p.50
Vanguard Parapet3Azlanti Star EmpireMedium transportAT02 p.0
Gray Monitor Capsule4GraySmall shuttle3C03 p.0
Hivonyx Ambassador4Medium explorerSOM p.90
Idaran Vanserai4Kasathan Large heavy freighterCRB p.309
Nebulor Outfitters Starhopper4Medium explorerDS03 p.0
Norikama Reliant4VeskariumSmall light freighterNSP p.120
Pale Butcher Scout4Corpse FleetMedium explorerDS03 p.50
Protector Accord4Small shuttleDF05 p.0
UC Gleaner4XenowardenSmall biomechanical light freighterA!02 p.50
Ulrikka RC-HPR4Medium transportSOM p.91
Barrow Reliquary5Corpse FleetMedium explorerDS06 p.50
Blackwind Sepulcher5EoxianMedium transportCRB p.307
EJ Corp Negotiator5EJ CorpLarge DestroyerFF03 p.0
Gray Collection Saucer5GrayMedium transport3C03 p.50
Opulos Opulence5Small shuttleSOM p.92
Ringworks Sentinel5Medium explorerSS1 p.0
Sanjaval Palanquin5Large heavy freighter3C01 p.0
Sovereign Monitor5Azlanti Star EmpireMedium transportAT01 p.51
Steward Banshee FA Frigate5StewardsMedium explorer3C02 p.0
Suskillon Whip5SuskillonMedium explorerA!02 p.0
UC Librama5Small biomechanical shuttleSOM p.93
Vanguard Regnant5Azlanti Star EmpireSmall light freighterAT03 p.0
Velstrac Corvette5VelstracMedium transportAA2 p.129
Dashadz Wayfarer6Medium explorerSOM p.94
Excoriation Combine Jezail6Plane of FireLarge destroyerDF02 p.0
Idaran Thunderbolt6Small shuttleSOM p.95
Klokworx Prism6Azlanti Star EmpireMedium explorerDS04 p.0
Sledge-class Boarding Vessel6Gideron AuthorityLarge destroyerNSP p.116
Sun Diver6Small light freighterDF03 p.0
Tetrad Caravel6Medium transportAA1 p.123
UC Bloom6XenowardenSmall biomechanical light freighterA!02 p.50
UC Rhizome6XenowardenMedium biomechanical transportA!02 p.51
UIE Hiveguard6ShirrenLarge destroyerCRB p.313
Barrow Spectre7Corpse FleetLarge destroyerDS06 p.51
Crypt Warden7Corpse FleetLarge destroyerDS03 p.50
Idaran Peregrinasi7Medium transportSOM p.96
Modified ATech Bulwark7PiratesLarge destroyerDS05 p.0
Reptoid Nest Platform7ReptoidLarge heavy freighter3C03 p.53
Roselight Oracle7Large heavy freighter3C04 p.0
SC Vaultship7Szandite CollectiveLarge heavy freighterNSP p.119
SDF D-127 Defensive Carrier7SuskillonLarge heavy freighterA!03 p.0
Terminator Slingshot7Large heavy freighterSOM p.97
Vindicas Punisher7VeskariumLarge destroyerNSP p.122
Antumbra Overseer8Large destroyerSS2 p.0
ATech Resolute8Large heavy freighterSOM p.98
Barrow Catacomb8Corpse FleetHuge bulk freighterDS06 p.52
CompEnt Group Defense Frigate8AballonianLarge destroyerPWD p.154
CompEnt Windfall8KalistocracyHuge bulk freighterFF04 p.0
Inheritorworks Shieldcraft8IomedaeanMedium transportPWD p.159
Norikama Dropship8VeskariumMedium transportCRB p.315
Pyre Woebringer8Plane of FireHuge bulk freighterDF04 p.0
Sov-El Korinath8Small light freighterSOM p.99
UC Liana8XenowardenMedium biomechanical explorerA!02 p.51
Vanguard Sanctum8Azlanti Star EmpireLarge heavy freighterAT01 p.51
BMC Predator9VeskariumSmall shuttleNSP p.120
Death's Head Charon9Large heavy freighterSOM p.100
Gray Research Vessel9GrayLarge heavy freighter3C03 p.51
Hivonyx Titan Hauler9ShirrenHuge bulk freighterCRB p.313
Inheritorworks Crusader9IomedaeanLarge destroyer3C05 p.0
New Horizon Borealis9Large Heavy FreighterDA01 p.0
Sanjaval Redsun9Large heavy freighterSOM p.101
SDF Rampart9SuskillonLarge destroyerA!04 p.0
Sovereign Sumpter9Azlanti Star EmpireLarge heavy freighterAT01 p.52
Velstrac Tormentor9VelstracMedium transportSS3 p.0
ATech Immortal10Pact WorldsHuge cruiserCRB p.311
Barrow Reaper10Corpse FleetHuge cruiserDS06 p.52
Brevak Vermelance10Large vermelithSOM p.102
Dashadz Griffon10Large heavy freighterSOM p.103
Excoriation Combine Alcazar10Plane of FireHuge cruiserDF06 p.0
Skyward Glory10Huge cruiserDA02 p.0
Suskillon Aurora10SuskillonHuge cruiserA!05 p.0
UC Arkship10XenowardenLarge biomechanical destroyerPWD p.162
UC Gardenship10XenowardenHuge biomechanical bulk freighterPWD p.163
BMC Dmolangari11Huge bulk freighterSOM p.104
EP Stalwart11SuskillonHuge cruiserA!06 p.0
Infernex Justiciar11Large destroyer (colony ship)SOM p.105
Multifold Seedship11AballonianHuge bulk freighterPWD p.155
Opulos Ambassador11Medium transport3C06 p.0
Opulos Drift Cruiser11VerciteHuge bulk freighterPWD p.161
Reptoid Instigator11ReptoidHuge cruiser3C03 p.53
Barrow Eulogy12Corpse FleetGargantuan carrierDS06 p.52
Idaran Millennia12KasathanGargantuan carrierCRB p.309
Inheritorworks Javelin12Large destroyerSOM p.106
Raxilite Gowan12RaxiliteHuge biomechanical cruiserA!02 p.52
Risen12Large heavy freighterFF06 p.0
Vanguard Exsanguinator12Huge cruiserSOM p.107
Vindicas Enforcer12VeskariumHuge cruiserNSP p.122
Dominion Seeder13DominionLarge destroyerAA2 p.113
Gray Mothership13GrayGargantuan carrier3C03 p.51
Idaran Saga13Huge cruiserSOM p.108
Infernex Interdictus13HellknightHuge cruiserPWD p.156
Klokworx Nexus13Azlanti Star EmpireGargantuan carrierAT01 p.52
SC Metropolis13Szandite CollectiveGargantuan carrierNSP p.119
Star-Nambulance Void-Eater13Medium omaSOM p.109
AAC Hoardmaster14Gargantuan carrierSOM p.110
BMC Devastator14Gargantuan carrierSOM p.111
Multifold Industries Harvester14Gargantuan carrierDA03 p.0
Naginata-class Attack Vessel14Gideron AuthorityGargantuan battleshipNSP p.117
Thaumtech Omenbringer14EoxianGargantuan battleshipCRB p.307
Norikama Valkyrie15Gargantuan battleshipSOM p.112
Raxilite Crown Canopy15RaxiliteGargantuan carrierA!02 p.53
Starhive Vespiar15Gargantuan battleshipSOM p.113
Barrow Cenotaph16Corpse FleetColossal dreadnoughtDS06 p.53
Infernex Keep Diabolical16HellknightGargantuan battleshipPWD p.157
Inheritorworks Cathedralship16IomedaeanGargantuan carrierPWD p.159
KC Golarion-Class Battleship16Gargantuan battleshipSOM p.114
Ringworks Specter16Gargantuan battleshipSOM p.115
Vindicas Tyrant16VeskariumColossal dreadnoughtCRB p.315
CompEnt Those Who Are17Colossal dreadnought (colony ship)SOM p.116
Ringworks Peacebringer17Colossal dreadnoughtSOM p.117
Inheritorworks Redeemer18Colossal dreadnoughtSOM p.118
Pyre Spike Station18Colossal dreadnought (space station)SOM p.119
Sovereign Vindicator18Azlanti Star EmpireColossal dreadnoughtAT01 p.53
Citadel Zirval19HellknightSupercolossal base shipSOM p.120
Merciless Blade19VeskariumSupercolossal base shipNSP p.121
Sovereign Dominator19Supercolossal ultranoughtSOM p.121
Blackwind Annihilator20EoxianSupercolossal ultranoughtDS06 p.0
Conqueror of Worlds20VeskariumSupercolossal ultranoughtNSP p.123
Driftmaven20Supercolossal ultranoughtSOM p.122
Shalar20Supercolossal base shipSOM p.123

Reading a Starship Stat Blocks

Starfinder Starship Operations Manual p.78

Each starship is described using a basic stat block that includes information about how it moves, how many people it can support, its structural integrity, and more. When reading a starship stat block, use the key below to help understand its capabilities.
Name and Tier: This is the designation of the starship and its power level. Starships of different tiers vary to a greater degree in terms of their power and abilities than monsters whose Challenge Rating (CR) differs by a similar amount.
Size Category and Frame: This describes the overall size of the vessel, which provides a modifier to its Armor Class and Target Lock (see below). This entry also notes the base frame of the starship (Core Rulebook 294).
Speed: This is the number of hexes the starship can move using most pilot actions.
Maneuverability: A starship’s maneuverability is rated as clumsy, poor, average, good, or perfect. This is generally tied to the mass and size of the starship, and it both indicates how agile the starship is in space and determines the minimum number of hexes it must move before it can turn (Core Rulebook 319).
Drift: This is the starship’s Drift engine rating. When determining how long it takes the starship to travel to a location through the Drift, divide the die roll by this number (Core Rulebook 291). If this entry is absent, the starship can’t travel into the Drift.
Armor Class (AC): This value is used when determining whether direct-fire weapons (Core Rulebook 303) hit the starship. AC is calculated based on the ship’s size, maneuverability, and physical armor, as well as its pilot’s ranks in the Piloting skill.
Target Lock (TL): This value is used when determining whether tracking weapons (Core Rulebook 303) hit the starship. TL is calculated based on the starship’s size, maneuverability, and defensive countermeasures (Core Rulebook 298), as well as its pilot’s ranks in the Piloting skill.
Hull Points (HP): This is the total amount of damage the starship can take before it ceases operation. A starship with 0 HP isn’t destroyed, though many of its systems no longer function and it is no longer a threat to enemies.
Damage Threshold (DT): If an attack deals less damage than this value, that damage isn’t counted against the ship’s total Hull Points. Only Huge or larger ships have a Damage Threshold, and it comes into play only when such a starship’s shields are depleted (Core Rulebook 320).
Critical Threshold (CT): Whenever the starship has lost a total number of Hull Points equal to a multiple of this value, one of its systems takes critical damage (Core Rulebook 321). This value is always one-fifth of the starship’s maximum HP.
Shields: This lists the ship’s shield system and Shield Points (SP), which represent the amount of damage the ship’s shields can take before they become depleted. SP are assigned to particular quadrants (forward, port, starboard, or aft). These quadrants correspond in orientation to the starship firing arcs (see Attacks below).
Attacks: A starship has four firing arcs: forward, port, starboard, and aft, illustrated on page 318 of the Core Rulebook. Most nonturret weapons can fire only in the firing arc where they’re mounted; turret weapons can be fired in any arc. A ship’s attack entries lists the various weapons mounted on the ship that can fire in each of the arcs. Each weapon also lists its damage, range, and other special properties.
Power Core: This lists a starship’s power core or cores (Core Rulebook 296) and the power core units (PCU) it produces.
Drift Engine: The starship’s Drift engine, if any, is listed here.
Systems: This entry lists a starship’s major systems, such as armor, defensive countermeasures, sensors, and weapons (Core Rulebook 297).
Expansion Bays: This entry lists any expansion bays: cargo spaces that can be used for specialized functions (Core Rulebook 298).
Modifiers: This entry lists the bonuses (or penalties) to certain skill checks during starship combat resulting from a starship’s speed and maneuverability, as well as from some starship systems.
Complement: This section lists the total size of the crew that can fit aboard the ship.
Crew: This section lists those filling various roles in starship combat (Core Rulebook 316), as well as their modifiers to skills used during starship combat and number of ranks in those skills. Any modifiers listed earlier in the stat block are accounted for here. In general, NPC crew member levels and their number of skill ranks are equal to their starship’s tier (minimum 1). Typically, one crew member is exceptionally talented with one skill, for which their modifier is equal to 9 + 1-1/2 × their level. For all other crew skills, the officer NPCs’ modifiers are 4 + 1-1/2 × their level. The gunnery check modifier for an NPC starship of tier 9 or lower is equal to the starship’s tier plus the highest ability score modifier for an NPC of a CR equivalent to the starship’s tier (using the combatant array on page 129 of Alien Archive). For an NPC starship of tier 10 or higher, use the same calculation but substitute the second-highest ability score modifier instead. The table below provides these calculated values.

Table 3-1: Starship Crew Modifiers

1/3 +3 +4 +9
1/2 +3 +4 +9
1 +5 +5 +10
2 +6 +7 +12
3 +7 +8 +13
4 +9 +10 +15
5 +10 +11 +16
6 +11 +13 +18
7 +12 +14 +19
8 +14 +16 +21
9 +15 +17 +22
10 +15 +19 +24
11 +16 +20 +25
12 +17 +22 +27
13 +19 +23 +28
14 +20 +25 +30
15 +22 +26 +31
16 +23 +28 +33
17 +25 +29 +34
18 +26 +31 +36
19 +28 +32 +37
20 +29 +34 +39
21 +31 +35 +40
22 +32 +37 +42
23 +34 +38 +43
24 +35 +40 +45
25 +37 +41 +46

If a starship has teams that support officers by filling roles, this entry also lists the number and size of these teams. This section is listed only for ships under the GM’s control—PCs can perform their own actions aboard starships they control.
Special Abilities: Any unique actions or qualities a starship has due to its crew or equipment are listed here.

Optional Rule: Design Budget

The rules for building starships on pages 293–305 of the Core Rulebook provide extraordinary flexibility in designing exciting spacecraft. However, that flexibility allows a group to invest most of their Build Points (BP) in only a few systems, resulting in lopsided designs. Assigning half of the BP available to shields to create a nearly invulnerable ship or spending those points on a single turret-mounted superweapon might sound appealing, but these tactics encourage less-dynamic encounters and can even grind combats to a complete standstill.
Whether you are designing new NPC starships or beginning a starship campaign, you can encourage a more balanced experience by limiting the number of Build Points that the crew can spend on any particular upgrade (as measured by a percentage of the starship’s total available BP). In this optional system, many of a starship’s primary systems list a maximum percentage of the starship’s available BP that can be invested in that system. Each entry also describes some of the reasons you might impose this maximum percentage, as well as other voluntary restrictions that could present even greater challenges.
Frame Cost (25%): In addition to a plethora of deadly weapon mounts, expensive frames often provide a huge number of HP, making their starships nearly impossible for lower-tier starships to threaten. In addition, larger starships may require additional crew that the PCs lack, and spending too much on a frame leaves too few BP to equip the ship properly.
Armor and Defensive Countermeasures (25%): Especially for smaller starships, heavy investment in defenses can make a starship nearly invincible—often while leaving too few BP to purchase suitable weapons, making them extremely safe but boring combatants. Limiting armor to a modest amount incentivizes clever maneuvering.
Power Core (15%): A starship’s power core affects how quickly an engineer can restore Shield Points by using the divert action, and limiting the power core’s size gives enemy starships an opportunity to pierce the vessel’s shields before they can be fully repaired.
Weapons (35%): Careful optimization of a starship’s weapons can result in utterly devastating arsenals capable of completely destroying a potent enemy starship with a few good shots. Limiting a starship’s maximum firepower extends combat by a few rounds without severely impacting the ship’s lethality.
In addition, consider turrets’ extreme versatility: by moving most of a starship’s weapons to a turret, the ship’s facing becomes less relevant, and starship combat becomes more static. Consider allowing no more than 15% of a starship’s BP to be spent on turrets and turret-mounted weaponry in order to encourage movement and stunt use.
Shields (10%): Smaller starships in particular can inexpensively mount thick shields that are almost insurmountable by low-tier starships, dramatically multiplying their durability and turning most combats into lengthy slogs. By limiting a starship’s shield upgrades, a starship can still have solid defenses without completely eliminating any chance of sustaining real harm— particularly at tier 10 and lower.
Unrestricted: Many other systems—including computers, Drift engines, expansion bays, security, and thrusters—are unlikely to change the dynamics of starship combat if the crew invest in them heavily, and thus have no maximum BP budget. However, some security systems can dramatically skew in-person encounters if not reined in. To this end, consider limiting the maximum level of any antipersonnel weapon to the starship’s tier, and consider restricting the maximum rank of a shock grid countermeasure to one-third the starship’s tier, rounded down.

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