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Starship Weapon

Whether the PCs are in the Vast or near a Pact Worlds planet, space is a dangerous place, plagued with hostile aliens, raiders, and worse. As a result, most ships protect themselves with a variety of weapons, ranging from laser cannons to solar torpedoes.
Weapons must be installed on special mounts on a ship, specified in the ship’s base frame. These mounts are designed for optimal firing and are placed so that they can be easily tied into the ship’s power and control systems. They also prevent the weapon from affecting the course or speed of a ship when fired.

Light Weapons

NameRangeSpeed (In Hexes)DamagePCUCost (In BP)Special PropertiesSource
Direct-fire Weapons
Aeon CasterMedium (10-Hexes)3d4107Mystical, restricted (Imperial Fleet)SOM p.18
AT01 p.49
Chain CannonShort (5-Hexes)6d41510RipperCRB p.302
CoilgunLong (20-Hexes)4d41010CRB p.302
Connecting TendrilShort (5-Hexes)3d61010Burrowing, connecting, mysticA!02 p.49
Decorative Ramming Prow2d405Intimidating, rammingSOM p.18
Flak SporesSpecial2d454Flak area, limited fire 2A!02 p.49
Flak ThrowerShort (5-Hexes)3d4105Point (+8)CRB p.302
Force ProjectorShort (5-Hexes)1d10107Force field (15)SOM p.18
Garbage Ejection SystemShort (5-Hexes)81d611Limited fire 1, point (+8)SOM p.18
GyrolaserShort (5-Hexes)1d8103Broad arcCRB p.302
Laser NetShort (5-Hexes)2d6109Point (+10)CRB p.302
Light Buster CannonShort (5-Hexes)3d8109BusterSOM p.18
Light EMP CannonShort (5-Hexes)Special108EMPCRB p.302
Light Force Ramming Prow053Force field (20), rammingSOM p.18
Light Laser CannonShort (5-Hexes)2d452CRB p.302
Light Orbital Death KnellMedium (10-Hexes)3d102018Orbital (3)SOM p.18
Light Orbital Particle CannonLong (20-Hexes)2d102021Line, orbital (2)SOM p.18
Light Particle BeamMedium (10-Hexes)3d61010CRB p.302
Light Plasma CannonShort (5-Hexes)2d121012CRB p.302
Light Ramming Prow3d416RammingNSP p.115
Light Static ProjectorShort (5-Hexes)1d6109Scatterscan3C03 p.49
Light Teleportation BeamShort (5-Hexes)1d201514Teleportation (1)SOM p.18
Light TzibeamShort (5-Hexes)3d62015Death field 2d6, mysticalAA3 p.123
Mining LaserShort (5-Hexes)2d6105BurrowingPWD p.153
Minor Ramming Prow2d414RammingSOM p.18
NSP p.115
Missile BlockerShort (5-Hexes)1d10108JammingNSP p.115
Negative-Energy GunMedium (10-Hexes)2d6107NumbingDS06 p.49
Rail LauncherMedium (10-Hexes)2d81510Rail 1d8SOM p.18
ScramblerMedium (10-Hexes)2d81512Suspending (+5)NSP p.115
Shadow Bolt ProjectorMedium (10-Hexes)1d10157Intimidating, mysticalSOM p.18
TracerLong (20-Hexes)None58BuggingNSP p.115
ECM Modules
Digital Strike ConduitMedium (10-Hexes)Special1010HackingSOM p.18
Gravity GeneratorShort (5-Hexes)Special109Gravity wellSOM p.18
Nav-Scram ProjectorShort (5-Hexes)Special510Nav-scramSOM p.18
Warp Puck LauncherSpecial510Limited fire 3, mine (1), transposition (1)SOM p.18
Melee Weapons
Light Explosion Injector3d10513Burrowing, limited fire 5SOM p.18
Light Hacksaw Arm4d6108RipperSOM p.18
Light Ship Tether2d656AnchoringSOM p.18
Light-Blade Hull3d8510SOM p.18
Tracking Weapons
High Explosive Missile LauncherLong (20-Hexes)124d81014Limited fire 5CRB p.302
Light Aeon Torpedo LauncherLong (20-Hexes)123d6108Limited fire 5, mystical, restricted (Imperial Fleet)SOM p.18
AT01 p.49
Light Carrion-Missile LauncherLong (20-Hexes)123d8105Limited fire 5, volatileDS06 p.49
Light Cytoplasm LauncherLong (20-Hexes)144d8106Limited fire 5AA2 p.121
Light Frag Mines8d4512Limited fire 5, mine (3), ripperSOM p.18
Light Plasma Mines2d12512Limited fire 5, mine (4)SOM p.18
Light Plasma Torpedo LauncherLong (20-Hexes)143d8511Limited fire 5CRB p.302
Light Plasma Torpedo PodLong (20-Hexes)143d8011Limited fire 3, podSOM p.18
Light Spore Torpedo LauncherMedium (10-Hexes)143d655Limited fire 5, sporePWD p.153
Light Torpedo LauncherLong (20-Hexes)162d857CRB p.302
Magic Torpedo UnitLong (20-Hexes)182d4+21010Broad arc, mystical, quantumSOM p.18
Micromissile BatteryLong (20-Hexes)102d6105Array, limited fire 5CRB p.302
Mini-Nuke Mines5d858Irradiate (low), limited fire 3, mine (1)SOM p.18
Slow Burn Missile LauncherLong (20-Hexes)84d6104Limited fire 5, smoldering (2d6)NSP p.115
Tactical Nuclear Missile LauncherLong (20-Hexes)105d81018Irradiate (low), limited fire 5CRB p.302
Vandal Rocket LauncherLong (20-Hexes)124d8125Limited fire 3, vandal drones 1d4AA3 p.61

Heavy Weapons

NameRangeSpeed (In Hexes)DamagePCUCost (In BP)Special PropertiesSource
Direct-fire Weapons
Force BlasterShort (5-Hexes)3d102518Force field (40)SOM p.18
Gatling CannonShort (5-Hexes)15d42020RipperSOM p.18
GraserShort (5-Hexes)7d104035Irradiate (medium)CRB p.302
Gravity GunMedium (10-Hexes)6d64030Tractor beamCRB p.302
GyrocannonShort (5-Hexes)3d102014Broad arcSOM p.18
Heavy Aeon CasterMedium (10-Hexes)6d62015MysticalSOM p.18
AT01 p.49
Heavy Buster CannonMedium (10-Hexes)6d81516BusterSOM p.18
Heavy EMP CannonMedium (10-Hexes)Special3012EMPCRB p.302
Heavy Flak SporesSpecial4d61513Flak area, limited fire 3A!02 p.49
Heavy Force Ramming Prow3d41010Force field (40), rammingSOM p.18
Heavy Laser ArrayShort (5-Hexes)6d41510ArrayCRB p.302
Heavy Laser CannonMedium (10-Hexes)4d81015CRB p.302
Heavy Laser NetShort (5-Hexes)5d61515Point (+12)CRB p.302
Heavy Orbital Death KnellMedium (10-Hexes)7d104036Orbital (7)SOM p.18
Heavy Orbital Particle CannonLong (20-Hexes)5d104042Line, orbital (5)SOM p.18
Heavy Ramming Prow5d418RammingSOM p.18
NSP p.115
Heavy Solar CannonMedium (10-Hexes)3d81510Sustained 2DF02 p.0
Heavy Static ProjectorMedium (10-Hexes)3d62027Scatterscan3C03 p.49
Heavy Teleportation BeamMedium (10-Hexes)3d204035Teleportation (2)SOM p.18
Heavy TzibeamMedium (10-Hexes)6d64030Death field 5d6, mysticalAA3 p.123
Imposing Ramming Prow4d4110Intimidating, rammingSOM p.18
MaserLong (20-Hexes)6d103522CRB p.302
Negative-Energy CannonMedium (10-Hexes)5d61515NumbingDS06 p.49
Particle BeamLong (20-Hexes)8d62520CRB p.302
Persistent Particle BeamLong (20-Hexes)10d64025CRB p.302
Plasma CannonMedium (10-Hexes)5d123020CRB p.302
Pulsed GyrolaserShort (5-Hexes)3d82520Broad arcNSP p.115
Radiant CannonMedium (10-Hexes)7d63522RadiantAT01 p.49
Rail BallistaMedium (10-Hexes)6d83522Rail 3d8SOM p.18
RailgunLong (20-Hexes)8d42015CRB p.303
Shadow Beam ProjectorMedium (10-Hexes)4d104030Intimidating, line, mysticalSOM p.18
Stasis BeamMedium (10-Hexes)Special3030Immobilize3C03 p.49
SuperscramblerMedium (10-Hexes)4d83028Suspending (+10)NSP p.115
Torpedo BlockerShort (5-Hexes)3d103026JammingNSP p.115
Twin LaserLong (20-Hexes)5d81518CRB p.303
X-Laser CannonLong (20-Hexes)8d64035LineCRB p.303
ECM Modules
Digital Raid NodeMedium (10-Hexes)Special1515HackingSOM p.18
Fractal Nav-Scram ProjectorShort (5-Hexes)Special1016Nav-scramSOM p.18
Gravity Well GeneratorShort (5-Hexes)Special1520Gravity wellSOM p.18
Warp Puck BankSpecial520Limited fire 3, mine (2), transposition (2)SOM p.18
Melee Weapons
Heavy Explosion Injector6d121026Burrowing, limited fire 5SOM p.18
Heavy Hacksaw Arm10d62015RipperSOM p.18
Heavy Ship Tether4d81014AnchoringSOM p.18
Heavy-Blade Hull6d81017SOM p.18
Tracking Weapons
Counter-Missile BankShort (5-Hexes)148d61011Limited fire 6, point (+12)SOM p.19
Drone LauncherLong (20-Hexes)125d81513Drone (1d8), limited fire 5AT01 p.49
Gravity Twister LauncherLong (20-Hexes)168d101511Gravity tether, limited fire 5NSP p.115
Heavy Aeon Torpedo LauncherLong (20-Hexes)126d81512Limited fire 5, quantumSOM p.19
AT01 p.49
Heavy Antimatter Missile LauncherLong (20-Hexes)810d101535Limited fire 5CRB p.303
Heavy Carrion-Missile LauncherLong (20-Hexes)106d101515Limited fire 5, volatileDS06 p.49
Heavy Cytoplasm LauncherMedium (10-Hexes)146d81010Limited fire 5AA2 p.121
Heavy Frag Mines8d8515Limited fire 5, mine (3), ripperSOM p.19
SOM p.19
Heavy Nuclear Mines10d81014Irradiate (medium), limited fire 3, mine (1)SOM p.19
Heavy Nuclear Missile LauncherLong (20-Hexes)1010d81535Irradiate (medium), limited fire 5CRB p.303
Heavy Nuclear SiloLong (20-Hexes)510d101535Irradiate (medium), limited fire 3, orbital (10)SOM p.19
Heavy Plasma Mines4d121018Limited fire 5, mine (4)SOM p.19
Heavy Plasma Torpedo LauncherLong (20-Hexes)125d101018Limited fire 5CRB p.303
Heavy Plasma Torpedo PodLong (20-Hexes)125d10018Limited fire 3, podSOM p.19
Heavy Spore Torpedo LauncherMedium (10-Hexes)125d81010Limited fire 5, sporePWD p.153
Heavy Torpedo LauncherLong (20-Hexes)145d81016Limited fire 5CRB p.303
Heavy Vandal Rocket LauncherLong (20-Hexes)1010d101815Limited fire 3, vandal drones 3d4AA3 p.61
Heightened Magic Torpedo UnitLong (20-Hexes)185d4+52020Broad arc, mystical, quantumSOM p.19
Slow Burn Heavy Missile LauncherLong (20-Hexes)88d81510Limited fire 5, smoldering (4d8)NSP p.115
Vortex Mouth Mines7d122030Limited fire 3, mine (3), vortexSOM p.19

Capital Weapons

NameRangeSpeed (In Hexes)DamagePCUCost (In BP)Special PropertiesSource
Direct-fire Weapons
Extreme Force Ramming Prow5d43010Force field (100), rammingSOM p.19
Gatling Cannon ArrayShort (5-Hexes)4d4 × 103025Array, ripperSOM p.19
Gravity CannonLong (20-Hexes)2d6 × 104050Tractor beamCRB p.303
Mass DriverLong (20-Hexes)2d6 × 102530CRB p.303
Massive Ramming Prow2d4 × 10520RammingSOM p.19
NSP p.115
Mega Teleportation BeamLong (20-Hexes)1d20 × 105565Teleportation (3)SOM p.19
Monolith Ramming Prow12d4115Intimidating, rammingSOM p.19
Particle Beam CannonLong (20-Hexes)3d4 × 103030CRB p.303
Persistent Particle Beam CannonLong (20-Hexes)2d10 × 105040CRB p.303
Prismatic BeamLong (20-Hexes)2d8 × 106055Line, mysticalSOM p.19
RepulsorShort (5-Hexes)Special4525Redirect3C03 p.49
Shadow Bolt ArrayMedium (10-Hexes)1d10 × 104525Array, intimidating, mysticalSOM p.19
Starspear Rail LauncherMedium (10-Hexes)2d8 × 105035Rail 1d8 × 10SOM p.19
Super Buster CannonMedium (10-Hexes)3d8 × 103535BusterSOM p.19
Super EMP CannonLong (20-Hexes)Special4518EMPCRB p.303
Super Negative-Energy CannonLong (20-Hexes)2d10 × 104060NumbingDS06 p.49
Super Orbital Death KnellMedium (10-Hexes)3d6 × 105057Orbital (10)SOM p.19
Super Orbital Particle CannonLong (20-Hexes)2d6 × 105060Line, orbital (10)SOM p.19
Super Plasma CannonMedium (10-Hexes)3d6 × 104535CRB p.303
Super Radiant CannonLong (20-Hexes)2d6×104045RadiantAT01 p.49
Super Stasis BeamLong (20-Hexes)Special5050EMP, immobilize3C03 p.49
Super Static ProjectorLong (20-Hexes)1d4x105050Array, scatterscan3C03 p.49
Super X-Laser CannonLong (20-Hexes)3d4 × 105045LineCRB p.303
SupergraserMedium (10-Hexes)2d8 × 105035Irradiate (high)CRB p.303
SuperlaserLong (20-Hexes)2d4 × 102020CRB p.303
SupermaserLong (20-Hexes)2d8 × 104035CRB p.303
Vortex CannonMedium (10-Hexes)2d12 × 105575VortexCRB p.303
ECM Modules
Black Hole GeneratorMedium (10-Hexes)Special2025Gravity wellSOM p.19
Digital Assault TorrentMedium (10-Hexes)Special1525HackingSOM p.19
Super Nav-Scram ProjectorMedium (10-Hexes)Special2025Nav-scramSOM p.19
Warp Puck BatterySpecial530Limited fire 3, mine (2), transposition (3)SOM p.19
Melee Weapons
Super Explosion Injector3d10 × 103050Burrowing, limited fire 5SOM p.19
Super Hacksaw Arm4d6 × 104025RipperSOM p.19
Super Ship Tether10d81518AnchoringSOM p.19
Super-Blade Hull3d8 × 103040SOM p.19
Tracking Weapons
Antimatter Mega-Missile LauncherLong (20-Hexes)64d10 × 101570Limited fire 5CRB p.303
Devourer Vandal Rocket LauncherLong (20-Hexes)84d10×101830Limited fire 3, vandal drones 1d4×10AA3 p.61
Heavy Drone LauncherLong (20-Hexes)122d8×102025Drone (2d8), limited fire 5AT01 p.49
Heavy Frag Mines4d8 × 101045Limited fire 5, mine (3), ripperSOM p.19
SOM p.19
Hellfire Mines2d10 × 101040Limited fire 5, mine (4)SOM p.19
Hellfire Torpedo LauncherLong (20-Hexes)82d10 × 101040Limited fire 5CRB p.303
Mega Carrion-Missile LauncherLong (20-Hexes)83d8 × 101525Limited fire 5, volatileDS06 p.49
Nuclear Mega-Mines4d8 × 101530Irradiate (high), limited fire 3, mine (1)SOM p.19
Nuclear Mega-Missile LauncherLong (20-Hexes)84d8 × 101560Limited fire 5CRB p.303
Quantum Mines2d8 × 102540Limited fire 3, mine (5), quantumSOM p.19
Quantum Missile LauncherLong (20-Hexes)122d8 × 101535Limited fire 5, quantumCRB p.303
Quantum Missile PodLong (20-Hexes)122d8 × 10035Limited fire 3, pod, quantumSOM p.19
Solar Torpedo LauncherLong (20-Hexes)102d6 × 101025Limited fire 5CRB p.303
Super Nuclear SiloLong (20-Hexes)53d8 × 101540Irradiate (high), limited fire 2, orbital (14)SOM p.19
Vortex Maw Mines3d12 × 103560Limited fire 3, mine (3), vortexSOM p.19

Spinal-mount Weapons

NameRangeSpeed (In Hexes)DamagePCUCost (In BP)Special PropertiesSource
Direct-fire Weapons
Gravity AnnihilatorLong (20-Hexes)8d6 × 105060Tractor beamSOM p.19
DS06 p.47
Hypermass CannonLong (20-Hexes)6d6 × 104030LineSOM p.19
DS06 p.47
Nova RamLong (20-Hexes)6d10 ×107555LineSOM p.19
DS06 p.47
Orbital DevastatorLong (20-Hexes)8d6 ×106054Orbital (18)SOM p.19
Particle Acceleration GunLong (20-Hexes)9d4 × 105030LineSOM p.19
DS06 p.47
Prismatic TorrentLong (20-Hexes)5d8 × 106045Line, mysticalSOM p.19
Summon Planetoid ModuleMedium (10-Hexes)4d6 × 102040Limited fire 3, mystical, point (+15)SOM p.19
Titan BolterMedium (10-Hexes)6d8 × 105050Rail 2d8 × 10SOM p.19
Ultra Plasma CannonMedium (10-Hexes)9d6 × 108045LineSOM p.19
DS06 p.47
Ultra X-Laser CannonLong (20-Hexes)6d8 × 109045LineSOM p.19
DS06 p.47
Ultra X-Laser CannonLong (20-Hexes)6d8 × 109060LineSOM p.19
DS06 p.47
UltragraserMedium (10-Hexes)6d8 × 107570Irradiate (high), lineSOM p.19
DS06 p.47
UltralaserLong (20-Hexes)6d4 × 103025LineSOM p.19
DS06 p.47
UltramaserLong (20-Hexes)6d8 × 106040LineSOM p.19
DS06 p.47
Vortex DevourerMedium (10-Hexes)6d12 × 108080VortexSOM p.19
DS06 p.47

Weapons are classified using the following key statistics.


This is the name of the weapon.


Weapons belong to one of three classifications. Light weapons can be mounted on any ship but are most typically found on smaller fighters and bombers. While dangerous, light weapons do not have the firepower necessary to damage very large starships. Heavy weapons are a serious threat to any vessel but can be mounted only on Medium or larger starships. Capital weapons can be mounted only on Huge or larger starships. Capital weapons can’t be brought to bear against Tiny or Small targets and are typically used only against other large vessels.


Starship weapons are one of two types. Direct-fire weapons fire projectiles or beams at amazing speed, targeting the opposing vessel’s AC. Tracking weapons’ projectiles are slower and must home in using a target’s TL. A tracking weapon’s projectile has a listed speed; once fired, it moves that number of hexes toward its target. Each subsequent round during the gunnery phase, it must succeed at a gunnery check against the target’s TL to continue to move its speed toward its target. On a failure, the projectile is lost. If the projectile reaches the target’s hex, it deals the listed damage.


Weapons have one of three ranges: short range (5 hexes), medium range (10 hexes), or long range (20 hexes). As with characterscale ranged attacks, an attack with a starship weapon takes a cumulative –2 penalty for each range increment (or fraction thereof, beyond the first) between it and the target. A gunner firing a tracking weapon takes a range penalty only on her first gunnery check, when the target is first acquired. A starship weapon can fire at a target up to 10 range increments away.


This is the distance in hexes a tracking weapon moves toward its target each round during the gunnery phase. Projectiles from a tracking weapon have perfect maneuverability, and as such, they have a minimum turn distance of 0 (see page 319).


This is the amount of damage (in Hull Points) the weapon deals when it successfully hits a target. See Shooting Starships on page 292 for guidelines on how starship weapons can affect characters.


This is the amount of PCU consumed by the weapon. It uses this amount continuously whenever the weapon is powered up and ready to fire.


This is the cost of the weapon in Build Points.

Special Properties

Some weapons have special properties, as noted above. These special properties and how they affect starship combat are described here. They can be found here.

Starship Operation Manual Expansion

The new starship weapons in this chapter use the rules presented starting on page 303 of the Starfinder Core Rulebook. The weapons appear in tables on pages 18–19, grouped first by weapon class (light, heavy, capital, or spinal-mount weapons) and then by type (direct-fire, ECM, melee, or tracking). The new ECM and melee starship weapon types appear on this page, and new starship weapon special properties appear on pages 12–17. In addition, sidebars accompanying these new weapon types and properties detail new starship crew actions involved with these technologies. For more on starship crew actions, see pages 322–326 of the Core Rulebook and pages 148–149 of the Starfinder Character Operations Manual.


In addition to direct-fire and tracking weapons, this section introduces two new starship weapon types: ECM modules and melee weapons.

Electronic Countermeasure Modules

Electronic countermeasure (ECM) modules are a type of powerful instrument designed to foil an enemy starship’s sensors, impair a starship’s systems, and in some cases alter the battlefield itself. ECM modules must be installed on weapon mounts, but they are activated by a science officer during the gunnery phase. ECM modules follow the same rules for range and quadrant targeting as conventional starship weapons.
When activating an ECM module, a science officer attempts a special gunnery check, adding their ranks in the Computers skill but adding neither their base attack bonus nor their ranks in the Piloting skill, and adding their Intelligence modifier in place of their Dexterity modifier; an NPC officer typically has a gunnery modifier equal to that of the gunner’s gunnery modifier. Compare the result of this gunnery check to the target’s Target Lock (TL). If the result equals or exceeds the target’s TL, the science officer hits and applies the ECM module’s effects. Due to the interference created by shields, starships with functioning shields in the targeted quadrant gain a +2 circumstance bonus to their TL against ECM modules. ECM modules do not deal critical damage.

Melee Weapons

A melee weapon uses some part of the starship to induce a direct collision between the attacking and defending starships, targeting the opposing vessel’s AC. Melee starship weapons always have a range of 1 hex, even if a special property would otherwise change the weapon’s range.


Any Supercolossal starship (page 36) can mount multiple capital weapons, but the dreaded ultranought can support even larger ordinance, known as spinal-mount weapons. These immense devices of destruction are built along the vessel’s entire length and are integrated into its core, channeling the power of the ship’s engines and reactors into massive, direct-fire attacks that obliterate most targets. A Supercolossal starship can mount at most one spinal-mount weapon, and a spinal-mount weapon must be mounted in the front quadrant.
A spinal-mount weapon must charge before firing. The starship’s engineer can begin charging the weapon as an engineer action during the engineering phase if they succeed at an Engineering check (DC = 10 + 1-1/2 × the starship’s tier) to activate the weapon. The weapon charges for the duration of that round and continues charging during the subsequent round.
On the third round, during the gunnery phase, the spinal- mount weapon can be fired with the shoot gunner action. Because aiming a spinal-mount weapon requires moving the starship, the gunner gains a +2 bonus to their gunnery check when using their ranks in Piloting, instead of their base attack bonus, to calculate their gunnery bonus for the weapon. If the gunner wants to use their base attack bonus, they gain a +1 bonus to their gunnery check if they are trained in Piloting. Additionally, if the gunner fires no other weapons during the round when they fire the spinal-mount weapon, it deals an additional 1 damage per damage die. Once a spinal-mount weapon is fired, it cannot be activated or recharged again for 2d4 rounds.
If the gunner doesn’t fire a spinal-mount weapon on the first round that it is fully charged, a member of the crew must take an engineer or gunner action each round (requiring no skill check) to keep it on standby. If no member of the crew takes this action, the weapon’s energy dissipates as if it had been fired, and it cannot be activated again for 2d4 rounds.


Starship weaponry can accommodate considerable modification, whether from corporate innovators or independent mechanics. A starship’s crew can incorporate one or more of the following upgrades to a weapon by multiplying the weapon’s BP cost by the listed value. Any restrictions on the types of weapons to which an upgrade can be applied are listed in the upgrade’s entry.


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