The Hidden Truth

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Cybernetic augmentations use machines and circuitry integrated with the flesh and bone of the recipient. In most cases, cybernetics must be installed into the body by a trained surgeon—a process that takes 1 hour per level of the augmentation and the price of which is covered in the price of the cybernetic. Cybernetics are more than just machine implants: they are complex meldings of technology and the living host’s own organs. This allows them to be hardened against assaults that affect other technologies in ways robots and other entirely technological creatures can’t. Cybernetics are not subject to any effect or attack that targets technology unless it specifies that it affects cybernetics.

Anosmatic Shunt1120LungsDA01 p.53
Hideaway limb, Standard1150Arm or LegCRB p.210
Prosthetic limb, Standard1100Arm and Hand, or Leg and FootCRB p.210
Respiration Compounder1250LungsCRB p.210
Society subdermal graft, signal1150HandSFS1 p.4
Vocal Modulator1125ThroatCRB p.211
Voice Amplifier1125ThroatAA1 p.11
Datajack, Standard2625BrainCRB p.209
Lightvision shades2500EyesDF02 p.45
Darkvision Capacitors, Standard31750EyesCRB p.209
Optical laser, azimuth31530EyeARM p.89
Prosthetic limb, Storage31450Arm and Hand, or Leg and FootCRB p.210
Retinal Reflectors31350EyesCRB p.210
Spinal struts, minimal31260Spinal columnARM p.89
Emotional regulator42120BrainSS2 p.45
Fortified feet41850All feetARM p.88
Speed Suspension, Minimal41900All LegsCRB p.211
Threshold buffer, mk 142080HeartARM p.89
Voice encoder, primal42250Throat3C02 p.52
Weaponized prosthesis, mk 142120Arm and handARM p.89
Antitoxin Membrane53000SkinAA1 p.11
Bionic Knees52750All LegsSS2 p.45
Datajack, High-density52600BrainCRB p.209
Dermal Plating, Mk153025SkinCRB p.209
Detoxifier, standard53500HeartSS2 p.45
Force matrix, mk 153300HandARM p.88
Hideaway limb, Quickdraw53050Arm or LegCRB p.210
Solar overload conduit, mk 152640SkinDF02 p.43
Wide-Spectrum Ocular Implant52825EyesCRB p.211
Adaptive Fingerprints64030All HandsSS2 p.44
Biosynthetic nanites, mk 164450SkinSS2 p.45
Cardiac Accelerator63850HeartCRB p.208
Echolocators, reactive64450EarsARM p.88
Spinal struts, standard64030Spinal columnARM p.89
X-legs, basic64295All legs and feetARM p.89
Dermal Plating, Mk276950SkinCRB p.209
Illusion Refractor77000EyesFF04 p.29
Limning palm76300HandDF02 p.45
Optical laser, corona77140EyeARM p.89
Polarizing palm75850HandSS2 p.45
Shortwave Receiver-transmitter76500BrainAA1 p.11
Adrenal Booster88900EndocrineSS2 p.44
Darkvision Capacitors, Advanced89000EyesCRB p.209
Datajack, Accelerated88525BrainCRB p.209
Disquieting Nanities810000Skin and ThroatDS05 p.9
Recoil stabilizer88550Arm and handARM p.89
Speed Suspension, Standard88800All LegsCRB p.211
Weaponized prosthesis, mk 289250Arm and handARM p.89
Biosynthetic nanites, mk 2913700SkinSS2 p.45
Dermal Plating, Mk3917975SkinCRB p.209
Echolocators, active913700Ears and throatARM p.88
Sovereign helm914,975BrainDS05 p.41
Threshold buffer, mk 2913500HeartARM p.89
Artificial Third Eye1018000Brain and EyesSS2 p.45
Solar overload conduit, mk 21016800SkinDF02 p.43
Spinal struts, reinforced1017640Spinal columnARM p.89
Cybernetic Arm, Single1124750Spinal ColumnCRB p.208
Force matrix, mk 21126750HandARM p.88
Optical laser, aphelion1126520EyeARM p.89
Thorgothrel armature1125000Spinal ColumnAA3 p.115
Voice encoder, Sophisticate1127500Throat3C02 p.52
Dermal Plating, Mk41248850SkinCRB p.209
Detoxifier, enhanced1239500HeartSS2 p.45
Linguistic capacitor1236600BrainSS2 p.45
Speed Suspension, Complete1232900All LegsCRB p.211
X-legs, climbing1235600All legs and feetARM p.89
Biosynthetic nanites, mk 31350900SkinSS2 p.45
Darkvision Capacitors, Long-range1348950EyesCRB p.290
Echolocators, enhanced1350900Ears and throatARM p.88
Cybernetic Arm, Dual1470150Spinal ColumnCRB p.208
Dermal Plating, Mk514105000SkinCRB p.209
Polyhand1471000HandCRB p.210
Optical laser, parallax15122400EyeARM p.89
Solar overload conduit, mk 315120000SkinDF02 p.43
Threshold buffer, mk 315110000HeartARM p.89
Dermal Plating, Mk616163500SkinCRB p.209
Force matrix, mk 317278100HandARM p.88
Dermal Plating, Mk719542000SkinCRB p.209
Detoxifier, elite19612000HeartSS2 p.45
Optical laser, zenith19612000EyeARM p.89


All augmentations have a system entry indicating the part of the body into which it must be installed. You can’t have more than one augmentation on the same part of your body.
In some cases, such as with augmentations installed in limbs, you can install an augmentation into a single general type of body part, such as any single one of your feet or hands. In these cases, the augmentation lists the acceptable body parts into which the augmentation can be installed. You can install a single augmentation on each limb of which you have multiples. For example, if you’re a kasatha, you could install a separate augmentation on each of your four hands, as long as each of those augmentations requires only a single hand.
If an augmentation requires multiple limbs for installation— such as climbing suckers, which require all feet, or a speed suspension, which requires all legs—the augmentation’s systems entry indicates that requirement. The augmentation’s description will also indicate whether a limb-based upgrade requires the replacement of a limb or the augmentation of an existing limb. In the case of augmentations that specifically replace a lost limb, such as a polyhand or a prosthetic limb, you cannot attach such an augmentation to an existing limb, due to the way these upgrades are manufactured.
Common Systems: Although exceptions do exist, most augmentations require installation into one of the following body systems: arm (or all arms), brain, ears, eyes, foot (or all feet), hand (or all hands), heart, leg (or all legs), lungs, spinal column, skin, and throat.


Getting an augmentation installed requires the services of a professional cybernetic surgeon or someone with ranks in Medicine equal to the level of the augmentation. A session with a cybernetic surgeon usually takes 1 hour per level of the augmentation. The price of such implantation procedures is included in the prices listed for each augmentation.


You might want to have an augmentation removed, usually because you want to install a different one in the same system of your body. This removal usually occurs during surgery to install new cybernetics. Biotech usually kills off the old augmentation while it’s integrating with your body, allowing you to purge the dead biotech naturally. Because augmentations are coded to your body, it’s not possible to resell an old augmentation, nor can you reimplant one into a different person. The price of a new augmentation includes the price and time to remove the old augmentation.


Most augmentations work continuously. Those requiring some degree of control are plugged into your nervous system, and you can turn them on or off as a standard action unless otherwise noted. For example, you could activate or deactivate cybernetics in your eyes to observe different visual phenomena.

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