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X-legs, climbing

Starfinder Armory p.89

Level: 12
Price: 35600
System: All legs and feet

You enhance your stability by replacing your legs with a quartet of spiderlike limbs. Basic X-legs grant you a +4 circumstance bonus to your KAC against bull rush, reposition, and trip combat maneuvers. You also gain a +2 circumstance bonus to Reflex saving throws against effects that would knock you prone. Climbing X-legs include a gravitic-attraction device at the tip of each leg, allowing you to walk across walls and ceilings without using your hands; this grants you a climb speed of 25 feet.
An X-legs system uses similar connection points as standard prosthetic legs (Core Rulebook 210), allowing you to detach your X-legs and attach a pair of prosthetic legs (which you must buy separately) in only 10 minutes, for situations where X-legs would attract unwanted attention.

X-legs, basic64295All legs and feetARM p.89

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