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For as long as there have been starfarers exploring the galaxy, manufacturers have happily provided the latest starship designs. This section details dozens of manufacturers and many of their iconic starship designs. Below, you’ll find smaller manufacturers dedicated to niche markets with smaller market shares. Beginning on page 68, you’ll find major manufacturers, each of which includes a perk representing the company’s style or specialization. Only a ship manufactured or significantly refitted by that company gains the perk, and a starship can have only a single manufacturer perk at a time.

ATechTime-Tested, Dependable VesselsAnti-hacking systems cost 2 BPSOM p.68
Blackwind EngineeringMacabre Military MightReduce BP cost of anti-biological anti personal weapons by 1SOM p.68
Blood Mountain ClansAncient Veskarium ShipbuildersOne size larger for rammingSOM p.69
Compiler EnterprisesAnacite ExplorersExternal expansion bays cost 2 BPSOM p.69
Dashadz Industries—SOM p.66
Death’s HeadGrim ManufacturersReduce shock grid computer countermeasures by 1SOM p.70
Guttertooth Processing Company—SOM p.66
Hivonyx IndustriesPacifist ArtisansCan carry more passangersSOM p.70
Idari Crucible WorksThe Kasathan Golden FleetTreat radiation effects as one weakerSOM p.71
Imperial Foundry—SOM p.66
Infernex, Inc.—SOM p.67
Inheritorworks—SOM p.67
Kevolari CollectiveMaximum UtilityReduce frame cost by size, increases weapon costSOM p.71
Klokworx Industries—SOM p.67
Multifold IndustriesDiversity And AutomationVirtual Intelligence cost decrease by 2SOM p.72
Nebulor Outfitters—SOM p.67
Norikama SyndicateOpportunistic Copycats Striving For RespectLuxurious crew quarters cost 3 BPSOM p.72
Opulos CorporationPurveyors Of Extreme LuxuryInstall Guest Quarters for less costSOM p.73
Redshift RevolutionStylish RacersNon drift travel is fasterSOM p.73
Ringworks IndustriesPractical LuxuryReduce repair costs and timeSOM p.74
Sanjaval Spaceflight SystemsCommercial Spaceframe ManufacturerHalf time to switch expansion baysSOM p.74
Sov-El—SOM p.67
StarhiveStanding Against The SwarmSecond power cores cheaper to installSOM p.75
TerminatorWinners At Any CostDrift Drives use less powerSOM p.75
Tetrad—SOM p.67
Thaumtech UnlimitedPrecognizant EngineersAnti-hacking systems cost 1 lessSOM p.76
Ulrikka Clanholdings—SOM p.67
Unified Conservatory—SOM p.67
United Interfaith EngineeringEcumenical Engineers10% smaller crew neededSOM p.76
Vanguard CraftworksExquisite MakersLuxurious crew quarters cost 3 BPSOM p.77
VindicasBattle-ready Behemoths2nd weapon per arc costs 5 PCU lessSOM p.77

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