The Hidden Truth

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Starship Security

The additions below help to prevent unwanted scoundrels from absconding with a starship. Security systems require an operational power core to function, but they consume a negligible amount of PCU. The cost of each option is listed in the table below.

NameCost (In BP)Source
Anti-hacking systems3CRB p.300
Antipersonnel weapon (heavy)5 + item level of weaponCRB p.300
Antipersonnel weapon (longarm)Item level of weaponCRB p.300
Biometric locks5CRB p.300
Computer countermeasuresTier of computerCRB p.300
Self-destruct system5 × size categoryCRB p.300

Supercolossal Note

In many cases, a ship of the line has weaker security, sensors and shields than the most powerful of its escort ships. Supercolossal vessels depend on their massive Hull Point totals to carry them through combat, and they instead focus their BP and PCU on massive weapons few other vessels can compete against.

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