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Reconfiguration system

Starfinder Adventure Path #27: Deceivers’ Moon (The Threefold Conspiracy 3 of 6) p.48

COST (In BP): 30

PCU: 50

Reptoids pioneered this hybrid technology and have largely kept it secret, despite the investigative efforts of many governments and other organizations. A reconfiguration system allows a starship to physically change shape; it can take on the appearance of any other vessel of the same size, but its statistics do not change. In addition, after reconfiguration, the ship mimics the transponders and scan profile of the impersonated ship. When a science officer scans the ship, the first piece of information they obtain is always false, describing the impersonated ship rather than the true details of the reconfigured ship. A reconfiguration system can reconfigure a starship that is out of combat in only a few moments, but it cannot function if the ship’s sensors have taken a critical damage condition (though the vessel doesn’t return to its original form when this happens).

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